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These Bye-laws are framed as complimentary to the Club Rules. They are to be read in conjunction with them. If any contradiction or variance is noticed in the bye-laws, the Club Rules would prevail over the Bye-laws. The Managing Committee may review these bye-laws from time to time to add or delete any of them during their routine meetings.

These Bye-laws are framed under the provisions of the Rules of the Club for furtherance of the objectives of the Club and for better observance of the Rules. The Members, Associate Members, their dependents and guests shall observe and comply with the Bye-laws. Contravention of the Bye-laws as well as the Rules of the Club will render a member liable for disciplinary action or penalties as the Committee may prescribe under powers vested in them by the Rules of the Club.


The Managing Committee hereinafter, referred to as the Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Hon.Secretary, Jt.Secretary and six Committee members who are duly elected as per the prescribed procedure contained in the Club Rules.


a)  The Committee will be assisted by the following Sub-committees:
i.Finance xi.   Social Activities
ii.Works & Buildings xii   Tombola
iii.Purchase xiii.  Health Club
iv.Central Stores xiv.  Shuttle & Table Tennis
v.Bar xv.  Swimming
vi.Canteen xvi. Tennis
vii.House-Keeping xvii. Billiards
viii Disciplinary xviii. Cards
ix.Club Development xix.  Guest Rooms
x.  Legal/Rules/Byelaws xx.  Library

b) The Managing Committee shall nominate a member, preferably from the Committee to act as a Convenor for each of the above Sub Committees. A maximum of 6 members are chosen from amongst persons who have the aptitude and are keen to serve in the Sub Committee. The term of each Sub-Committee will be normally for a period of one year. It is co-terminus along with the Managing Committee. All the recommendations made by the sub committee will be referred to the Managing Committee.

The Sub Committee after approval of the Managing Committee may invite any other member / an outsider as a special invitee to participate in the Sub Committees for that particular meeting.


a)  The Hon.Secretary is the Chief Administrator of the Club. This is an elected post and his term of office is for a period of two years. He is however, responsible to the Managing Committee for implementing all the decisions arrived at during the Managing Committee meetings. If some decisions cannot be implemented due to practical difficulties, the Managing Committee is to be appraised of such difficulties.

b)  To enable the Hon.Secretary to discharge his duties properly a Chief Executive /Administrative Officer is appointed to deal with the day to day activities. The duties and responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer /Administrative Officer are defined separately by the Managing Committee from time to time.

c)  For routine matters members are requested to contact the following during the working hours.

S.No Subjects Person to be Contacted
1 All Administrative Matters

Hon.Secretary / Chief Executive / Admin.Officer

2 Membership introduction Cards Reservation at affiliated Clubs, etc -do-
3 Complaints on services /House Keeping -do-
4 Accounts & Bill clarifications Hon.Secretary / Finance Manager
5 F & B Supplies and Services & Banquet Parties Hon.Secretary / F&B-; Manager
6 Complaints/suggestions or any issues involving any activities of the Club. Hon.Secretary / concerned Convenor


Subject to these Bye-laws the Club is open to members from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 midnight. However certain indoor and outdoor sports facilities are available as per the timings displayed on the individual Notice Boards of the concerned sections. Members, who wish to stay beyond the above timings if permitted, may use the Club facilities on payment of late fee as prescribed by the Managing Committee from time to time. (The prescribed late fee will be displayed on the main Notice Board and Card Room Notice Board)


The following dress regulations are prescribed for making use of various facilities in order to maintain the dignity and decorum of the club.

The Dress regulations shall be applicable to all the members and guests accompanying the members and guest room occupants.

The Dress Regulations can be relaxed on special occasions, but members are not permitted to wear any provocative or indecent dress.


Dress for making use of club facilities is as per the chart given below:

S.No Name of the facility Prescribed Dress

I.Main Building which includes :

I a) Reception
b) A/C. Lounge
c) Non A/c Lounge
d) Dining Hall
e) AC Bar
f) Billiards room
g) Verandah
h) Card Rooms
i) Adjacent Lawns
j) Library
k) Any other areas
   of the Club which
   not defined below:
Any respectable Civilian Dress excluding but not limited to collarless Shirts/T-Shirts, Nickers, Shorts, Track suits ,Hawai chappals, Rubber/Plastic Slippers .

Members are allowed with shorts / sportswear in the main building of the Club for having their break fast up to 10.00 a.m.

Children below 10 years of age are allowed with shorts in any section of the club, where they are permitted.

II. Swimming Pool

Swimming suit / costumes for using the Pool. Outside the pool area any decent attire may be worn.

For Ladies :

Slacks and Cycle Shorts are also permitted and Swimming cap is compulsory.

III. Tennis

Tennis shirt or T.Shirt may be worn as per the invidual’s choice along with tennis sports shoes. Ladies may use any sportswear along with tennis sports shoes.

IV.Health Club

Dress suitable for using various facilities of the Health Club e.g.
Track Suits / Jogging Suits .
Sports Wear & Sports Shoes compulsory.
For ladies - Sports wear / Salwar Kameez is allowed with sports shoes.


Members should not leave footwear and clothes in the Health Club. Doing exercise on bare foot is not allowed.

V. Shuttle Badminton & Table Tennis

Any suitable/appropriate sports wear is allowed for playing shuttle or table tennis with sports shoes.

VI.Guest Rooms:

Dress regulations as prescribed in the Club Bye Laws are applicable for guest room occupants also .


Dress for candidates and their proposers / seconders who are invited to the club for introductory meetings are as follows:

i) GENTS : D.J./Lounge Suit / National Dress/Sherwani / Closed Jodhpuri Coat And Pant. Denims Not Allowed.
ii) LADIES : Any respectable civil dress / formals allowed. Denims not allowed.


On the occasion of New Year Eve, the following dress code is applicable:

i) GENTS : DJ/Lounge Suit/ Sherwani/ Closed Collar Coat (Jodhpuri) & Pant and National Dress (Kurta Pyjama With Nehru Jacket) . Denims Not Allowed
ii) LADIES : Any Respectable Civil Dress / Formals Allowed. Denims not allowed.
iii) Guests: Applicable as above


The Nizam Club is more than a century old institution and has a glorious past. All along, it was being patronized by the nobles of HYDERABAD and most of the elite of the twin cities have been its members. It is one of the prestigious clubs in our Country. Therefore, the behaviour and conduct of our members should be exemplary, so as to keep up the rich tradition of dignity and decorum undiluted. Members are expected to extend courtesy, co-operation and politeness towards other members. They have to be patient with the staff. The behaviour should not cause disturbance or intrude into the privacy of other members. Talking loudly, gesticulating and criticizing the administration publicly are some of the negative factors which should be avoided. If the members have any grievances or complaints, they can be expressed through a letter or a note in the complaint book placed at convenient places. Action will be initiated against the erring members by the Managing Committee


Members should enroll the names of their children for the usage of the Club, failing which they will not be permitted to use the Club facilities.

As per the Club Rule 4 (h) (ii) Children of all categories of members below the age of 16 years can enjoy the club facilities as member’s children during the membership of their parents.

Subject to these Bye-laws children below the age of 16 are not permitted in any areas of the Club after 7-00 p.m. except in T.V.Lounge, Swimming Pool and Children’s Park or else in the company of their parents. On special occasions when they are accompanied by the parents/guardians, the parents and guardians are fully responsible for the safety and good behaviour of their children/wards. Any loss or damage to the club property by the children will have to be made good by the members. Children are not permitted to bring any guests. A member will be penalized as per the discretion of the Managing Committee for each contravention of this Bye-law.

The Children should carry their identity card issued by the club at all times they visit the club.


Under Rule 11 of the Club Rules, the members should register the names of their children in the Club records as Dependent Members.

A dependent son or dependent daughter of a permanent member may on an application of the member be admitted as a dependent member of the club. Provided that a son or daughter is below 16 years or over 25 years of age shall not be eligible for dependent membership. The provisions of these rules relating to balloting for membership and admission fee shall not apply to such member. The permanent members shall be responsible for the conduct of their dependent members. Bills and dues of dependent member shall be debited to the account of the Parent Member.

A dependent member shall not introduce any guest to the club.

A dependent member who has enrolled at the age 16 and continues in that position till he/she completes 25 years of age shall be eligible to become permanent member on a prescribed application for membership and will be called for introduction forthwith.

Dependent member of life time member shall not be eligible to become permanent member under member children category.

The monthly Dependent Membership Fee shall be charged as per the Rules applicable.

Such children of members who are not registered as Dependent Members even after attaining the age of 16 years will be treated as guest and the guest fees will be charged as per the Club Rules/Bye Laws on each occasion they visit the Club.

The dependent membership fee is Rs.100/- p.m. as on date.

a)  They shall carry their dependent identity cards at all times.

b)  They shall not
     i. Introduce guests to the club;
     ii. Sign for or consume alcoholic beverages and cigarette
     iii. Use the card room or bar facility and
     iv. Use the club after 10.00 p.m. unless in the company of their Parents .


Under Rule 6 of the Club Rules the members may enroll their children as Senior Dependent Member of the club:

A Senior Dependent Member is one who satisfies the following conditions :

a)   The Parent of a Dependent member should have been a permanent member for a period not less than five years.

b)  He/She should have been a dependent member continuously for a period not less than four years and should have completed 25 years of age and should have applied and awaiting for membership (or) Dependent members who have attained the age of majority i.e., crossed 18 years of age and married before attaining the age of 25 years will also be admitted under senior dependent member category. Spouse and children of such members shall be eligible to utilize the facility of the club as per bye-laws made under these rules.

c) Children of Life Time Member shall not be eligible to continue as Senior Dependent Members after 25 years of age.

d)The spouse and children of Senior Dependent member shall be eligible to utilize the facility of the club.

e) They are however, required to pay the monthly subscription as prescribed in the Club Rules / Bye Laws from time to time.

f)The monthly subscription along with other amounts pertaining to usage of the club shall be included in the parent’s bill.

g)They shall carry their senior dependent identity card, whenever they visit the Club .

h)They may also entertain guests as per the Club Rules.

i)They are permitted to avail the facilities of Card room and Bar also.

j)The senior dependent membership fee is Rs.250/- p.m. as on date.

10   G U E S T S :

a) Only those gentlemen and ladies who are received in general society may be introduced as guests.
b) A person who has applied for membership of the Club and has not been elected / admitted the first time shall not be introduced into the Club as a guest for 24 months.
c) A person whose membership has been rejected twice in ballot and a suspended or a expelled member cannot be brought as guest to the club, by any category of member.
d) A Member who has not been named a defaulter or suspended from membership of the Club may introduce to the Club as Guest not more than 6 persons at a time on any single day. He shall enter their names and other required particulars in the Guest Book kept for the purpose and obtain proper receipt.
e) No person shall be introduced as a guest for more than five days in a calendar month.
f) Notwithstanding anything mentioned above a member can bring more than 6 guests on any day for attending special parties that may be arranged by such member as per the rules.
g) Guests shall always be accompanied by the introducing member.
h) Every member who introduces a guest shall pay the guest fee as per the bye laws prescribed by the Managing Committee for different sections from time to time . A member failing to enter the name of his/her guest in the guest book maintained by the Club will be charged 5 times of the guest fee on each such occasion.
i) Any person wishing to call on the members in the Club may be accommodated by the staff at the Reception till the member is informed and he signs the Guest Book.
j) Children of members above the age of 16 who are not registered either as Dependent Members/Senior Dependent Members with the Club shall be treated as guests on each occasion they visit the Club.
k) The Guest Fee will be fixed by the Managing Committee from time to time. Presently the below mentioned guest charges are applicable, in various sections, as detailed hereunder as on date:
i) General Guest fee(Entrance charges) – Rs.25/-(Upper lawn, Lower Lawn, Ice-ream parlour, verandah leading to dining hall and card room.
ii) Bar – Non A-C
iii) Dining Hall
iv)TV Lounge-AC
v) Billiards-AC
: Rs.75/-
: Rs.100/-
: Rs.50/-
: Rs.100/-
: Rs.100/-
vi) Card Room : Non A-C:
       Rs.55/- (Monday – Friday)
       Rs.105/- (Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays)
A.C : Rs.105/-(Monday – Friday)
       Rs.205/- (Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays
vii) Shuttle : For visiting Rs.150/- per head
   For playing Rs.200/- per head
viii)Programmes : Rs.50 per head OR as decided by the M.C for every event
ix) Swimming
x) Tennis
: Rs.100/- per head for accompanying guest.
: Rs.75/- per head for playing.
xi) Guest can be introduced up to 11.45 p.m in the club.


No personal attendant of the member is allowed in the Club premises except in the designated areas of the Club.
The personal chauffeurs of members will be allowed in the areas designated for car parking.

12   P E T S :

a) Dogs /Pets are not permitted in the Club premises including guest rooms.

b) BRINGING ARMS / AMMUNITION No person is authorized to bring or help in bringing arms/ammunition into the Club Premises without the permission of the Hon.Secretary.

Members and their guests who are provided Government Security staff for their personal safety are to give strict instructions to the security staff not to enter the Club building or use any facilities without prior permission from the Hon. Secretary.

c) TOXIC & INFLAMMABLE SUBSTANCES: Bringing toxic or inflammable substances into the Club is strictly prohibited.


As per the powers vested in the Club Rules, the Managing Committee will amend the tariff, rates etc. from time to time.


(I) (a) The Secretary shall send a statement of account (bill for the month) normally by the 10th of every month showing the particulars of the subscription, other payables and club dues, to the last address furnished by the member and every member shall pay the amount due before end of the month in which the bill is issued.

(b) Every member shall ascertain his / her dues to the Club from the Club Office from time to time and pay the same promptly whether he/she receive the statement of accounts or not. Payments may be made in cash, credit card, cheques, demand draft, or any other mode of payment as specified by the club from time to time.

(c) Every Member should furnish the change of address if any in writing, to the club office from time to time and obtain acknowledgement. They are also requested to intimate the telephone numbers and email id for better communication.

(d) Commission/clearance charges for cheque / credit card payments will be borne by the member.

(e) Entire bill shall be paid in full.

(f) The Managing Committee shall fix penalties etc. for late payment of club dues under these rules or bye-laws from time to time.

(g) When a cheque is dishonoured by the Banker for any reason penalty will be imposed as decided by the Managing Committee and payment through cheques will not be accepted for the next 6 months.

(h) Discrepancies in bills, if any, are to be notified to the Club in writing before the end of the month in which they are issued failing which , it shall be assumed that there are no discrepancies in the bill. Representation received after the above period will not be entertained.

(i) Members are requested to make the payment by Cheques / Demand Draft payable at Hyderabad. Clearance charges for outstation cheques shall be debited to their accounts.

(j) Member is requested to make payments at Cash Counter and obtain receipt. The club shall not entertain any discrepancies without receipt issued by Cashier.

(k) The Managing Committee shall impose some percentage of charges from time to time to meet the contingent liability if any.

(l) When the member’s name is placed before the Managing Committee for considering cessation of membership, only cash or DD or payment through credit card will be accepted. Cheques are not accepted.

II. Credit of a Member shall be stopped in the following circumstances:

(a) A member who fails to pay his bills by the end of the month in which the bill is issued and the amount due exceeds Rs.2500/- will be on stoppage of credit.

(b) If the members due amount exceeds Rs.7500/- at any point of time including arrears if any of previous month also will be in stoppage of credit.

(c)The Members who come under the above credit stop category shall not be allowed further credit and also shall not be allowed to use the club facilities by any means. However members those who subscribed for the monthly/yearly fees of any facility will be allowed to use that facility even though they are in credit stop.

(d) The liability of a Dependent / Senior Dependent member if any is also included in the parent member bill even for considering the credit stop.

(e) On the written request of any member, the credit facility will be stopped until he /she gives written clearance again.

(f) The Hon.Secretary may display the list of members those who are in credit stop on the notice board.

(g) Members those who are in credit stop, will not be allowed to use club facilities through smart card also.

(h) Recovery of Dues :
All dues from the ceased member shall be recovered by legal proceedings from him/her.


(a) The proposer and seconder of all temporary members and long term temporary members are liable to make good any amount due by temporary or long term temporary member and recover from them either jointly or severally as the case may be.

(b) A temporary member shall use the club facilities through smart card only.

(c) Long Term Temporary member shall pay Rs.7,500/- as refundable deposit at the time of admission. This amount will be refunded at the time of expiry of their membership after deducting the club dues if any.


There shall be no speeches, singing or loud music in any part of the Club except by permission of the Committee on occasions of special entertainment. No member shall cause any disturbance whatsoever or annoy his co-members and guests by talking or laughing or by any such acts which are unbecoming of a member. If the speech of a member is loud, it will be considered as a disturbance to the co-members and peace and harmony of the club.


No member shall cause any disturbance whatsoever or annoy his/her co-members and guests by talking loudly in the cell phone and using loud ring tones. Members and guests are requested to move away from the gathering for using the cell phones and also requested to keep their cell phones in silent mode whenever they use the club.


No outside food / refreshments / drinks shall be allowed to be brought into the Club premises for consumption without the permission of the Managing Committee.


No property of the Club shall be removed from the Club without the permission of the Managing Committee.


The club shall not be responsible for the loss of any property belonging to a member, his family or his guest. If any articles found unclaimed, the Hon.Secretary shall keep them in safe custody. Articles not claimed for 3 months shall be sold by auction or otherwise disposed off and the proceeds of sale shall form part of the receipts of the club.


Tipping the Employees are strictly prohibited. An appropriate action will be taken by the Managing Committee against the member found distributing tips to any employee of the club.


No member shall reprimand or punish any staff of the Club. If the member has a grievance against any staff , he shall report to the Hon.Secretary of the Club for appropriate action by way of written complaint.


For the purpose of these Bye-laws, specific notices will be put up on the Notice Board located at the following places for the information of members and the club staff.


I. Main Notice Board of the Club

II. Notice concerning various facilities will be displayed on the Notice Boards located close to the facility.

III. Revised tariff if any of Canteen / Bar will be displayed on the Main Notice Board and at concerned section.

IV. Notices pertaining to the Guest Room accommodation will be displayed on the Guest Room Notice Board

V. Entertainment programme information and the Social Activities events will be displayed on the main notice board.

VI.“Spot News” notice board will also be placed near the main entrance of the Club which will be used for urgent Communication /     information to be displayed.

VII.Any sale / lease of property of member will be displayed on Main Notice Board after prior approval of the Hon.Secretary. No Commercial ads will be displayed.

b) Notices concerning staff:

Matters pertaining to staff will be displayed on staff notice board.

c) Club News Letter :

In addition to the above, important events, Newly admitted Members, Members passed away during the month will also be covered in the Club News Letter which is sent to all the members once in a month. Limited advertisement space is available which can be allotted to any member / outsiders on prior booking on first come first served basis. The details of dimensions and charges can be obtained from the Hon.Secretary.


a) Parking of Members’ Vehicles in the Club premises is done at owner’s risk. Scooters/cars etc. will be parked at the designated areas. Parking of vehicles is not allowed in the portico or on the main roads blocking thoroughfare.

b) All Chauffeur driven cars to be parked in the specifically designated area. The members should ensure that his/her driver parks the vehicle in the designated area only. Paging facility to call the car is available at the Reception. The Club is not responsible for any loss or damage caused while parking the vehicle by Chauffeur/valet driver.

c) On special occasions when large attendance is expected, parking space would be provided at different venues.

d) Vehicle owners are requested to take adequate security precautions of their vehicles and the contents inside their vehicles.

e) Buses, lorries and other large commercial vehicles are not permitted inside the Club compound without prior permission. Heavy vehicles bringing supplies, construction material, etc. are to be allowed inside the premises with prior permission from the Hon.Secretary / Designated Officer. Drivers have to exercise extreme caution while bringing such vehicles within the club area. If any damage is caused to the Club property or other vehicles parked within the compound, the responsibility will be entirely on the drivers and the owners of such vehicles. The security staff will remain extremely vigilant whenever suppliers / contractors / vehicles are inside the Club compound and report any incident / accident to the Hon.Secretary / Designated Officer immediately.

The Security staff should record the registration number, vehicle name and purpose of the vehicle coming inside, date and time of entering and outgoing of all commercial Vehicles.

f) The speed limit within the Club premises is 10 k.m. per hour.

g) Violation of parking rules will attract penalty of Rs.100/- for the first time and Rs.200/- for second time and suspension of the concerned member for the third time violation.

h) Valet Drivers facility is provided for parking of the vehicles on free of charge . The club shall not be responsible for any loss or damage due to theft, pilferage or tampering of their vehicles.

i) Members can park their vehicle in the club premises when they are present in the club. Parking of vehicles for more than 24 hours in the absence of the member, is not permitted. The vehicles parked in the premises beyond 24 hours, without prior permission from the Hon.Secretary, will be reported to the Police department for appropriate action and also will be charged Rs.100/- per day for the days of parking.


Members may book areas of the Club as designated by the Committee for private functions / parties provided they are not in the nature of religious or political functions. Procedure for booking private parties is given separately.

25   LOCKERS :

Lockers are available for allotment to the members at a monthly charge. They are placed at the Health Club, Shuttle Badminton Court and the Swimming Pool etc. Members have to use their own locks. The club will not be responsible for any loss due to damage or theft of items placed in the lockers. Members are prohibited to keep any objectionable material or liquor bottles in the lockers. These Lockers are provided to keep their Sports Goods, Clothes/Costumes etc.


a) For the benefit of members visiting other cities, reciprocal arrangements have been made with other clubs. Details of arrangements made with reciprocal clubs for usage of such clubs are available with the Office / Hon.Secretary. They shall observe all rules and bye-laws of that particular club when ever they visit these Clubs. They are also advised to behave in a manner befitting the dignity of our Club.

b) Members intending to use the affiliated club are required to obtain the affiliated club card from club office which is valid for three months. It will be revalidated on receiving a written request . They are required to carry their permanent photo identity card provided by our club. Senior Dependent members are also eligible to visit the reciprocal clubs. Dependent members are not eligible for using the reciprocal clubs independently. However, they can visit the affiliated club when they accompany their parents. To prevent misuse of introduction cards, members are requested to collect them personally from the Club Office as and when they need.

c) Entertaining of member’s guest in the reciprocal Clubs is subject to mutual reciprocal arrangement with different clubs. The information can be obtained from the club office.


Members of affiliated clubs using Nizam Club shall observe the following Bye-laws.

a) They shall carry with them a valid introductory card and permanent photo identity card from their parent club.

b) On arrival they should enter their name, membership number on every visit in the register maintained at the reception. And they are also required to pay the prescribed charges and obtain the receipt.

c) Reciprocal members shall not use Nizam Club for a period exceeding 10 days in a calendar month subject to a maximum of 30 days in any calendar year. Such members are exempted from payment of monthly subscription.

d) For utilizing the club facilities by the affiliated club members, they are required to obtain smart card from the cash counter after depositing sufficient money in the card, along with a deposit of Rs.200/- towards card charges.

e) The balance amount if any left over in the smart card and the card deposit will be refunded by the cashier on surrendering the smart card while leaving the club.

(f) Balance amount if any in the smart card, if unclaimed for 10 days, shall be forfeited thereafter.

g) Any person who has been refused admission in to the Club as a member , he/she shall not be permitted to use the Nizam Club as a Reciprocal Member.

h) The affiliated club members are not permitted to participate in tournaments, competitions and tombolas. (For tombolas if they are staying in guest rooms they will be allowed).


(a) The payments through Cheques / D.D/cash /Credit card / Debit Card will be accepted by Cashier during club hours from 10.30 a.m. to 12 midnight with a lunch interval of half an hour between 1-30 p.m. to 2.00 p.m on all working days.

(b) Payments should be made only at cash counter and obtain the receipt. No other club staff is authorized to collect cash from the members. No claim by the members will be entertained without proper receipt issued by the cashier.

(c) Payments by cheques are to be “Crossed A/c Payee” drawn in favour of Nizam Club. Members must indicate their name in block capital letters and their membership number clearly on the reverse side of the cheque/ D.D.

(d) Part payment of bills not permitted.

e)The payment by Cheques/D.D. shall be made for the exact amount of the bill or for higher amount.

(e) As per the bye laws if a cheque of any member is dishonoured then cheques from such members will not be accepted for next six months.

(f) Members residing outside Hyderabad and Secunderabad are rquested to make the payments by Demand Draft payable at Hyderabad. Clearance charges for outstation cheques shall be debited to their accounts.

(g) Members should check and ensure that the receipt issued by the cashier is in proper order in respect of membership number, name and the amount paid, before leaving the cash counter.


The Hon:Secretary may provide suitable place for promotional activities on payment after taking prior approval from the Managing Committee

a) A table placed on the Main Club Varandah.
b) A table placed at the entrance of lower lawn.
c) Place for display of New Cars at parking area
d) Placing of hoardings/posters in various functions.
e) Providing of place in Club premises for film shootings.


Any member/outsider can sponsor any event subject to that the sponsor amount or any gifts to be presented in the event should be deposited and routed through the club office only, after approval of the Managing Committee.


The Managing Committee may permit if any member/members would like to sponsor or donate any rolling trophy for conducting the tournament or presenting the trophy in memory of any deceased member subject to the condition that they have to meet the expenditure of that tournament .


The Managing Committee may permit any outside organizations to conduct the tournaments/competitions in the club premises like shuttle, billiards, swimming etc. to encourage the sports activities.


The staff is allotted work at a designated place by the In charge for specific purpose. Members are requested not to use the staff for any other purpose other than the allotted work to him to avoid delay in service and causing inconvenience to other members.


Photography, Video graphy etc. are strictly not allowed in the club premises without permission from the Hon.Secretary.


CCTVs are installed at important places in the club premises for security reasons.


Members are not authorized to use club facilities by using the membership number of other members/family members. Any such usage will attract severe action by the Managing Committee.


a)The Managing Committee shall Meet twice a month normally on 1st Friday and 3rd Friday of every Month. On the 1st Friday of every month the candidates will be introduced to the Managing Committee and may be inducted in different categories of Memberships.

b) The Candidates for membership shall be introduced to the Committee by their proposer and/ or seconder . They shall meet the Committee on the appointed date and time.

c) Dress regulation should be strictly followed as per the Club Bye-law 5 (B)

d)The proposer/seconder shall inform the Secretary of the Club sufficiently in advance, if the candidate is unable to attend the introductory meeting. An application for membership will be held void if the candidate does not attend the introductory meeting even after the third call.

e) If a candidate for membership is not available and if the proposer / seconder writes to the Committee requesting that his/her application for membership may be kept in abeyance, the Committee may do so in its discretion.

f) The admission of a candidate for permanent membership, unless as decided otherwise by the Committee , will normally take place after the candidate has been admitted as a candidate member for a minimum of three months.

g) Where an application for membership has been rejected on balloting , the applicant shall not be eligible to apply for membership again till after the expiry of 24 months from the date of rejection, and shall not be introduced or entertained as a guest in the club during that period.

An applicant whose application has been rejected twice on balloting shall not be eligible for admission as a permanent member.

h) The proposer/seconder should ascertain the correctness/authenticity of the application before they propose or second such application. If at any time, the Committee discovers that the information given by the candidate is incorrect, the Committee shall take necessary action against the candidate member/ member/ proposer / seconder as they deem fit.

i) Members admitted as a candidate member for permanent membership can introduce guests.

j) No member shall propose or second the candidature of more than two persons in a Calender year.

k) Members should produce the original date of birth certificate consisting of member’s name, candidate’s name and date of birth of their child for filing the application for permanent membership along with Xerox copy. It will be certified by the Hon.Secretary or any of the office bearers and the original certificate will be returned immediately.

l) (i) All the member’s children application should be proposed by the parent member only.

(ii) In case of member’s children whose father/mother have expired can be proposed by any of the eligible permanent member of the club

(iii) In case of members who wish to transfer the membership to his son/daughter, application of such candidates shall be proposed by any eligible permanent member of the Club.


In accordance of Rule 34 (b) the Managing Committee resolved to incorporate the following bye laws to be made applicable for the elections and for the candidates.

1. The candidates contesting for election shall not send any request letters individually to the club members (voters) after release of election schedule.
2. 2. The contesting candidates shall submit their bio data and letter (if the candidate so desire) addressed to the members to be posted to all the eligible voters of the club after proper scrutiny.
3. 3. The letter given by the candidates shall not contain any extra- venous matter and shall not cause aspersions on the other candidates and members of the club.
4. 4. The bio data and letters received from the contesting candidates shall be submitted along with the application form, which shall be printed in a booklet form and posted to all the eligible voters of the club in that particular election.
5. 5. The candidates shall pay initially Rs.5000/- towards printing, postal and other expenses to the club along with bio data and letter. After printing and dispatching the booklet, the difference of cost if any will be divided equally among the contesting candidates and the same will be debited to their respective accounts.



The club generally operates 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 midnight on all days including holidays and Sundays. However, on Holidays and festival days, only skeleton staff is retained to man various services and the club office will remain closed. The timings of operation of various facilities are different. Members are requested to kindly check the exact timings for the facilities which they like to avail. These are displayed on the individual notice boards.


The following facilities are available at the Club:


The reception counter shall function from 8 a.m. to 02.00 a.m. The receptionist is available for taking down messages and provides general information about the club. A telephone exchange is operated by the Receptionist who can provide connection to the various sections of the Club.

A computer system is provided at the reception to check the member status. Members are requested to carry their identity card and produce whenever asked by the staff.

The receptionist will maintain guest entry register and reciprocal member entry register. The members/affiliated club members should register their guest names in the register provided for that purpose and obtain the receipt from the receptionist.

The reception counter is provided with a paging facility to call their car drivers to pick up from portico.

The receptionist will accommodate any outsider who wishes to meet any member in the club till the member is informed and he signs for him/her in the guest register.



a. Open to members from 10.00 a.m. to midnight.

b. It is primarily meant for all the members, their families and their guests.

c. Children below the age of 16 years are not allowed into the T.V.Lounge if the parents are not with in the precincts of the Club.

d. Dependent Members not accompanied by their parents will not be allowed after 10.00 p.m.

e) Only snacks and beverages(soft drinks) will be served. The liquor will be served to members and the guests provided accompanied by a female member or female guest of his/her family members.



a. Non-A.C T.V Lounge will be in operation as per the decision of the Managing Committee from time to time.

b. Awareness programmes / whist drives and any other programme/s will be held as decided by the Managing Committee from time to time .

c) On Tambola days and any other function in the lower lawns, Non-AC TV lounge will be used as Non-AC Bar.


B A R :

Bar facility is being provided in the Club after obtaining proper licence from Excise Department ever year.

Liquor will be served in the Club premises as permitted in the designated areas as prescribed.

Liquor will be purchased from authorized Government out-let as per the requirement and availability of stocks

The working hours of the Bar will be from 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m (or as per the permission by the Government).

No out side liquor is permitted.

The Companies may offer product promotional schemes to introduce their products with the prior permission of the Managing Committee.

The club clear off non moving stocks by different discount schemes as decided by the Managing Committee.



The lower lawn is used for club functions, entertainment programmes etc.

The snacks and liquor will be provided to members and their guests in the evening as decided by the Managing Committee from time to time.

Members should enter their guest/s names in the guest register provided at the entrance of the lower lawns.

It can be provided for booked lunches subject to availability of the place and if there are no club functions.

The place is suitable to accommodate a maximum of 100 to 150 people with Buffet type of service.



This Hall has a maximum seating capacity for 100 people. It is used as a alternate Dining Hall. Timings are 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 midnight. This Hall and the lower lawn are not available for private bookings on the days when there is organized club activity.



Popular films are exhibited at Lower Lawn for the entertainment of all members, their families, children and Guests. No extra payment is necessary to watch the cinema. However, guest names are to be entered in the guest register kept at the entrance. Timings are from 7.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. Information on cinema is given in the Club’s News letter and on the Notice Board. Snacks and Beverages will be served on Self service.



In the main Dining Hall of the Club, regular lunch and dinner will be served. Members are allowed to bring a maximum of six guests. If the guests exceed this number, prior permission and 24 hours advance booking is necessary.

Lunch            : 1.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.
Dinner           : 7.30 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.
Saturday       : 7.30 p.m. to 12 midnight.

Lunch & Dinner will be served on Al-a-carte basis every day. However on Sundays buffet lunch will be served between 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Al-a-carte lunch service is suspended on that day.

Joining of the tables is restricted . The tables will be joined with prior permission from the Hon.Secretary with additional charges, if the guests are more than 6 on a table.

Liquor will not be served in the Dining Hall. However members can themselves carry their last peg of drink to Dining Hall for consumption.

Smoking is prohibited in the Dining Hall.

The dress regulations as per the club bye-laws 5 (a) is applicable and members are requested to adhere to the rules strictly.



Banquet Parties (Lunch, Dinner & At Home) will be allowed on availability of designated places subject to club functions.

The following places for banquet parties are available as mentioned below . Generally all banquet parties will be served with buffet type of service.

1. Conference Hall (A.C.) : Maximum accommodation for 30 persons.

2. New Banquet Hall(A.C): 1st floor of main building – shall accommodate 60 persons.

3. Banquet Hall at lower lawn(Non-A.C): This will be provided for Lunch and can accommodate 100 to 150 persons.

4. Swimming Pool area will be provided on every Tuesday throughout the year and in Off Season , i.e from July to February any day, which can accommodate a maximum of 100 persons.

Advance booking should be made on a prescribed form and on payment of 100% advance. Members those who are in credit stop / defaulter are not allowed to book the parcel/party unless they clear the club dues in full.

The availability of the premises should be ascertained from the Hon.Secretary / Chief Executive Officer / F & B Manager for booking. Members are responsible for the orderly behaviour of the guests in private parties.

Members organizing private parties are to note the following restrictions:

a) An advance payment of 100% of the estimated cost of the Party shall be paid on booking to confirm the party.

b) Speeches, Singing, Clapping and Music Systems are not permitted. There should be no disturbance to the other members.

c) All guests should be dressed properly and only those who are recognized in general society shall be invited.

d) Member hosting the Party should be present till the end compulsorily.

e) The open theatre screen should not be used for any purpose of decoration.

f) Performing religious activities/function is strictly prohibited in club premises.

g) The number of persons booked for the party be observed strictly. If the number of persons exceeds the booking, the extra persons will be charged at 150% on the tariff of banquet parties

h) Outside liquor is strictly prohibited.

i) Any additional items from supplying company will be provided on request of the member and will be charged accordingly.

j) Charges for cancellation of parties:

i. Before 48 hours : 5% of the booked value of the party
ii. Before 24 hours :10 % of the booked value of the party .
iii. No cancellation will be entertained for less than 24
hours notice. The advance paid will be forfeited.

(k) A maximum of 6 plates of each food item only will be given as parcel from Al-a-carte menu.

l) Parcels worth a minimum of Rs.500/- will only be booked in advance if the items are not in the regular menu.

m) Separate bills are prepared for the booked parties/parcels and member should settle the bill amount immediately, failing which the balance amount will be transferred to member’s account at the end of the month.



a) A small play ground is available in front of Health Club building for use of children between 5 years to 12 years of age.

b) Children are not allowed to loiter around the playground as Diesel generator room; electric panels etc. are in close proximity to the playground. They have to strictly remain at the sports facilities only. Play timings are between 9.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Parents are requested not to leave their children in the play ground without proper supervision. The club will not be responsible if the children get hurt while playing or stray into dangerous areas.



a) Guest Rooms are available for rent for members, member’s guests and reciprocal Club members who have prior booking and are in possession of valid identity cards.

b) The room reservation will be confirmed only on written request, or email, or fax and payment of advance. Oral / Telephone booking enquiry are not treated as confirmed booking.

c) For booking of rooms for affiliated club members, a letter from concerned affiliated club along with advance amount is compulsory.

d) The check-in and check-out time is 8.00 a.m.

e) Members from affiliated clubs should settle their bill by cash/credit card/ D.D.

f) They must also make entries of arrival and departure time and date with their own handwriting. Over writings and alterations will not be considered for any claim/disputes.

g) A member can book a maximum of two rooms.

h) A member can book the rooms for a maximum of 3 months for self occupation at a stretch and 30 days for a guest. An affiliated club member can book the room maximum of 15 days at a stretch.

i) The occupant should vacate Room/rooms without fail on the date and time as mentioned in their form.

j) The introducing member shall be responsible for the payment of bills incurred by the guest/guests.

k) Special Temporary member fee will be charged to the members guests in addition to the room rent as per the club rules.

l) Occupants should settle their bills at the interval of seven days if their stay is more than 7 days at a stretch.

m) Extra guest other than couple, 50% of the room rent subject to a maximum of Rs.300/- including extra bed charges.

n) For children below 16 years : Rs.200/- per head including extra bed charges.

o) Cancellation charges for advance booking:

i. Before 30 days                        : Rs.50/- per room.
ii. From 30 days to 3 days           : Rs.100/- per room.
iii. From 72 hours to 24 hours       : Rs.50% of the rent.
iv. Within 24 hours                       : Rs.100% of the rent.

Members who books and cancel the rooms on the same day -Cancellation charge will be Rs.100/- per room.

Cancellation after occupation: For the balance period of booking 20% of the room rent for a maximum of 3 days.

p) Non-occupant lady will not be permitted to visit the guest rooms after 9 p.m.

q) No parties are permitted in the Guest Rooms. Occupants are not allowed to entertain any guests in the Guest Rooms. No room service will be provided to any unauthorized guest staying with the occupants and service will be provided to the guest room occupants on an additional service charge of 15%.

r) Occupants of the Guest Rooms who are not affiliated club members are not permitted for participating in Tambola.

s) Dress regulations as prescribed in the byelaws are applicable for guest room occupants also in the club premises.

t) The articles placed in the room should be intact and if there is any loss or damage of any article, the cost of such article will be recovered from the room occupant.

u) The Club will not have any responsibility for the loss of any items belonging to the room occupants.

v) Outside liquor is not permitted in the guest room.



a) A well equipped library with nearly eight thousand books and subscribing to all well known magazines, periodicals and news papers are available for the use of members and their families.

b) The Library will be kept open from:9.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

c) Members who wish to borrow the books from the library have to enroll as library member at a nominal fee of Rs.25/- a month.

d) Each library member may borrow a maximum of three books at a time for a period of 14 days. If the books are not returned by the stipulated date, a fine of Re.1.00 for the first one week per day per book will be levied and after one week Rs.3/- per day . In case a book is lost, the cost of the book will be charged to the member’s account.

e) A list of latest arrivals is available with the librarian , and will also be displayed on the Notice Board of the Library.

f) Members are expected to observe strict silence in the library. Usage of Cell phones are not permitted inside the library.

g) Smoking is not permitted.

h) No services will be provided.

i) Children below 10 years are not allowed in the library.

j) Guests are not allowed in the Library.

k) Old magazines can be purchased by the members at 1/4th rate of the original price. Current magazines and the issue prior to it will not be considered as old magazines. Some of the periodicals are not available for sale.

l) A suggestion/complaint book is placed in the library for members use.



An internet facility with PCs and printer are provided in the library.

a) Member should register their name with membership number, in-time and out-time for browsing the internet. They will be charged as under : For 10 mts to ½ hour : Rs.10/-
For 1 hour : Rs.15/-
For printing (only black) : Rs.5/- per page.



a) The entertainment programmes of the Club are usually decided one month in advance and will be published in the monthly newsletter being circulated to all members and also will be placed on the notice board for information.. Unless some last minute change occurs due to adverse weather or any other disturbances, the programmes are generally implemented.

b) The club usually conducts four tambolas in a month and bumper tombolas periodically.

c) Film shows will be screened as and when decided by the Managing Committee.

d) The entertainment programme is planned by the Social Activities Sub Committee and the approved programmes by the Managing Committee are intimated to all the members through Newsletters, posters and other publicity material like SMS.

e) There shall be one special entertainment programme on the New Year’s Eve on 31st December .

f) The Club Day will be celebrated on 26th of September of every year as the The Nizam Club was founded on 26th September, 1884. Programme for the day will be intimated and notified , through Newsletter and displayed on the Notice Boards.



An air-conditioned conference room is available for members. It has a seating capacity of maximum of 30 persons. Members may book the same in advance on availability for conference and seminars upto its capacity. Members are requested to contact the F & B Manager for booking, providing service and the charges of the hall, etc.


Subject to the bye laws of each section of the sports facilities, a member shall enroll in writing the name of self or any of his/her family member names for using any of the sports/games facilities. The eligibility for enrolling the children is as per the byelaws of the club.



Air-conditioned billiards room with three well maintained tables are provided for playing billiards and snookers.

a) TIMINGS :Open from 2.00p.m to 12.00 midnight.

Members have to fill necessary forms for enrolment and the enrolment will be cancelled only on written request.

c) F E E S :
The following fees are levied :
Monthly charges : Rs.450/- per month per person
For a Game of ½ Hour : Rs.30/-
Guests Rs.40/- per Game + Rs.100/-Guest fee
Affiliated Club Members: Rs.40/-per Game+Rs.40/-Entry fee
Temporary Members: Rs.2000/- per month +Rs.5000/-
Refundable deposit

d) Smoking is strictly prohibited .

e) If any player damages the cloth or any billiards / snookers balls or any other equipment placed in the billiards room, the matter will be reported to the Convener or Hon.Secretary who will take appropriate action.

f) Only snacks and beverages are permitted in the Billiards Room.

g) The Billiards facility is supervised by Billiard Sub Committee through the convener. Routine matters are handled by the convener himself. Policy matters are referred to the Hon.Secretary and the Managing Committee.

h) Annual Billiards / Snookers Tournaments are organized once a year after giving wide publicity. The club also sponsors suitable players to take part in other prestigious Tournaments as and when such an opportunity arises.



a) The Card room block which is an attachment to the main building has two floors. The ground floor is Non-AC and first floor is an A.C. section.

b) The games of Rummy (13 cards stake & syndicate) , whist drive and bridge are allowed in the Card Room. No other game of Cards is allowed.

Normal : 8 A.M. to 12 .00 p.m. everyday.
Those who wish to stay beyond midnight will be allowed on overtime.

A duty waiter is present on 24 hours basis to provide service.

d) In the Card room, new cards, old cards, snacks and beverages are provided on payment through smart card / credit as applicable.

e) Rummy Rules are framed and kept in the cards room for observation and reference. The players have to follow the standing Club Rules for playing Rummy. Any differences arising between the players which are not covered by the Rules are to be referred to the Cards Sub Committee through the convener who are expected to clarify the matter. However, on any matter which requires immediate solution, the decision of the banker is final.

f) Utmost silence is to be maintained in the card room. Members are expected not to speak loudly and create disturbance to those sitting on neighbouring tables. They are also expected not to shout for or at the serving staff.

g) Those who are aggrieved on any matter may bring their grievances in writing to the notice of the convener or Hon.Secretary . If the grievances are on any policy matter, reference should be made to the Managing Committee which will deliberate and make an appropriate decision.

h) The host shall be responsible for the behaviour and liability of the Guests.

i) A person shall not be introduced as a Guest for more than 5 days in a month.

j) F E E S :


Members: Daily Rs.5/-
Monthly Rs.125/-
A.C. Daily Rs.55/-

Guests :
        Non A.C:

Monday – Friday : AC : Rs.55/- per day
Saturdays/Sundays : AC : Rs.105/- per day
& on public holidays

Monday – Friday : AC : Rs.105/- per day
Saturdays/Sundays : AC : Rs.205/- per day
& on public holidays

Affiliated Club Members       : Entry fee : Rs.50/-

k) Guest can be introduced up to 11.45 p.m. in the Club.

The Card Room activity is supervised by the Cards Sub Committee and all suggestions/complaints will be screened initially by the Convener. All complaints in writing are referred to the Hon.Secretary and appropriate action is taken to redress the grievance.

m) Syndicate Rummy competitions will be held at periodical Intervals.



The Tennis court is provided for usage of members, guests & temporary members.

Timings :

Morning : 6.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m.
Evening : 4.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Monthly fee : Rs.300/-
Coaching fee : Rs.500/-
Yearly Charges : Rs.3,000/-
Temporary Member monthly : Rs.1,500/-
Guest Charges per day : Rs.75/-
Electricity Charges : Rs.50/- per hour
(floodlight charges in the evenings)

Coaching facility will be available in the evening session only

Annual Tennis tournament will be conducted as and when decided by the Managing Committee.

The Tennis facility is supervised by Tennis Sub Committee through the convener. Routine matters are handled by the convener himself. Policy matters are referred to the Hon.Secretary and the Managing Committee




Members, their families and dependent members can make use of this facility by filling necessary entry forms which are available in the club office/pool area. Guests are not permitted to use this facility.

b) The facility can be used on daily or annual basis by Club members and their children by paying prescribed fees.

c) The following timings are laid down:(March – June) General shift for all categories of members;

                                    6.00 to 9.30 a.m.
For ladies only :             4.00 to 5.30 p.m.
Members Children:         5.30 to 7.30 p.m.
Dep.Members :               5.30 to 7.45 p.m.
Members :                      7.00 to 9.00 p.m.

For Non-season i.e, (July-February) – timings will be decided from time to time.

A limited number of temporary members are accepted those who are proposed by any club member on monthly basis subject to availability and with the permission of the Hon.Secretary .

e) All users of the Swimming Pool have to sign a declaration that they know the art of Swimming. The club will not be responsible whatsoever, if some accident or incident takes place in the Swimming Pool.

f) F E E S :

The following fees are payable by the members who opt to make use of this facility in season from March to June and the Off-season charges will be decided by the Managing Committee in the month of June.

i) Daily .. Rs.100/- per dip per season
ii) Children below 16 years .. Rs.1000/- per year
iii) Members & spouse .. Rs.1400/- per year
iv) Depedent Member .. Rs.1300/- per year
v) Temporary members–morning.. Rs.2300/- per month
vi) Temporary members-evening… Rs.3400/- per month
vii) Temporary members below 16 years : Rs.2000/- per month
viii) Temporary members yearly Rs.16500/-
ix) Guest charges only for sitting : Rs.100/- per day.

g) The users of the Swimming Pool are given identity cards which are to be shown to attending staff on demand.

h) Drivers/attendants/maids are strictly prohibited from entering the swimming pool area.

i) The users have to enter their names and membership number in the register before changing into swimming costume.

j) Members are requested to take a shower bath atleast two minutes before taking the plunge into the pool.

k) Swimmers who have long hair shall wear water proof caps.

l) Persons having infectious and contagious diseases and skin diseases are not permitted to use the Swimming Pool. Members are particularly requested to observe this Rule so that contagious diseases are not spread to other fellow members.

m) The club will not be responsible for safe custody of money and jewellery or any other valuable items. These may be kept with incharge at owner’s risk.

n) Children below 5 years are not allowed into the Swimming pool area;

o) Children between 6 to 12 years shall be accompanied by their parents.

p) Members shall bring their own swimming dress including towels and other bathing requisites.

q) The swimming pool will remain closed once a week (Tuesday) for maintenance. The details are notified well in advance on the Notice Board.

r) The affairs of the Swimmng Pool facility are looked after by a Swimming Pool sub committee with a Convener designated by the Managing Committee. The Sub Committee meets periodically to discuss the problems at the grass root level and makes suitable recommendations to the Managing Committee which gives final approval.

s) Once a year, Swimming competitions will be held to encourage this sport amongst the members and their families.

t) Photography/video is prohibited.



a) The Health Club is equipped with most modern fitness exercise equipment, suitable, both for men and women. Physiotherapy, Massage, Steam bath and Sauna Bath facilities are also available as part of Health Club facilities.

b) The facilities provided in the Health club will be used by the Members at their own risk. The Club will not be responsible if any member gets injured or hurt while using the equipment. The beginners are advised to exercise extreme caution while using the equipment. If necessary, they may take assistance from senior members or in-charge of the Health Club.

c) Members may require to obtain Doctor’s advice before using certain exercise equipments and also advised to carry out some warm-up exercises before starting strenuous activites.

Timings :

i) General : 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.
ii) Ladies : 11.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
iii) General : 4.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.


Members who wish to opt for this facility are requested to fill necessary entry forms available in the club office and carry their identity cards. When members wish to discontinue, they have to intimate in writing particulars of discontinuation, otherwise fees will continue to be levied .

f) The following fees are prescribed:

i) For monthly members : Rs.375/- per month per person.
ii) Yearly fee : Rs.3600/- per annum per person
iii) Yearly – couple : Rs.5100/- per annum
iv) Yearly – Triple : Rs.7350/- per annum
v) Temporary Members : Rs.1615/- per month.
vi) Massage per member : Rs.200/-
vii) Massage for Temporary Member: Rs.400/-
(Massage charges inclusive of towel & sheet. The duration of massage will be 40 minutes.)
viii) Treatment Charges for members : Rs.125/-/
ix) Treatment charges for temporary members : Rs.250/-.

g) The member using the facility should sign in the register placed at the reception.

h) No guests are permitted to the Health Club.

i) Members those who have not enrolled as health club member can also take massage/treatment/Sauna/Steam on prescribed charges on day to day basis.

j) The day to day problems of the Health Club are looked after by the Health Club Sub Committee and makes recommendations for any improvements to be made.

k) Extra charges will be levied for providing Towels etc.

l) Members are requested to record their suggestions/complaints in the complaint book kept with the staff at the reception of the Health Club.

m) Members are requested to keep the Bathrooms/Toilets/ Changing Rooms tidy and hygienic and also advised not leave any belongings in the Health Club premises.

n) Lockers are provided for the usage of Health Club members on payment. If they discontinue the the usage of Health Club they are required to surrender the Locker also along with cancellation of Health Club facility.



Indoor Shuttle Badminton Hall is located in the Health Club Building with two wooden floor Badminton courts.

a) TIMINGS: 6.00 a.m. TO 9.00 a.m. & 4.00 p.m. TO 9.00 p.m.

b) ENROLMENT/CANCELLATION: Members who wish to opt for this facility are requested to fill necessary entry forms available in the club office and carry their identity cards. When members wish to discontinue, they have to intimate in writing particulars of discontinuation, otherwise fees will continue to be levied.

c) Guests are permitted to use the facility by payment of Guest fees as prescribed from time to time.

d) A coach is available for coaching the members’ children.

e) The users have to enter their names and membership number in the register before playing.

Annual Tournaments will be conducted to create the competitive spirit amongst the Shuttle players, if there are sufficient number of participants. The Tournaments are conducted by the Convenor and Sub Committee members of the Shuttle Sub Committee under the overall supervision of the Hon.Secretary.

g) FEES:
The following fees are payable by the members who wish to make use of this facility. i) Monthly : Rs.175/- per person ii) Coaching fee: Rs.70/- per month per member iii) Temporary Member: : Rs.1200/- per month

Soft drinks and fresh fruit juice will be provided on order at the Shuttle Court. Eatables are not permitted in the Badminton Hall.

The members should get their own rackets. Shuttle Cocks are available with the Shuttle Court in-charge on payment