Members are requested to give their valuable suggestions for improvement of Library and for purchase of books.
RULE:19(a) Every member shall abide by the provisions of these rules and the bye-laws made by the Managing Committee from time to time. Any failure to do so renders him liable to the panalties that may be prescribed bt the Managing Committee from time to time.
Rules relating to Guest Entries
RULE:31(ii) No person shall be introduced as a guest for more than five days in a calendar Month.Provided that no person,who is expelled from membership of the club or whose application for membership has been rejected twice on ballot shall be introduced as a guest by member.
Bye-law relating to entry of Gunmen
BYE-LAW12(B) No person is authorized to bring or help in bringing arms/ammunition into the club premises. Member and their guests who are authorized for Government Security staff for their personal safety are to give strict instructions to the security staff not to enter the club building or any facilities without prior permission from the Secretary.
Parking Of Vehicles
BYE-LAW23(a) Parking of member's vehicles in the club premises is done at owner's risk.Scooter/Cars/Jeeps,ect will be parked at the designated area.Vehicles will not be parked in the portico or on the main roads blocking the normal traffic or where parking is prohibited by a notice
BYE-LAW23(b) In the area specially designated the member will ensure that his driver parked the vehicle int he designated area.Paging facility to call the car is available at the reception counter.

It is noticed that some members are leaving their vehicles for days together in the club premises. Members are requested not to leave their vehicles in the club premises when they are not in the club.Vehicles unauthorisedly parked will be handed over to the police in view of security reasons.
Members are requested to give their latest address along with telephone numbers office and residence and mobile number so as to update their mailing address.
As per Club Rules 30(d) 'A member on request by any supervisory staff shall produce his/her phot Identity Card'. Hence, Members are rquired to carry their Identity Card whenever they visit the club.
A special ID Card will be given to the dependent members who attains 18 years of age to enable them to participate in tombola events.
Members may please note that as per Club Rules 7 - Only Associate Member on record of the club shall be entitled to the membership of the deceased member as a spouse. Hence, Members are requested to register their spouse by submission of photo and proof of relation. The Managing Committee at its meeting held on 11th November, 2008 has resolved to give time upto 31st March, 2009. Members may please note that no such claims will be accepted after 1.4.2009.