AWARD 2006

The indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), Hyderabad chapter, Andhra Pradesh confers the INTACH Heritage Award, 2006 to

The Nizam Club

Located in the Saifabad area of Hyderbad city, The Nizam Club is set to have been constructed by Nawab Fakharul Mulk more than 100 years ago. European in style, the central structure has a stone portico with steps leading up to the raised plinth. An arched corridor spans the entire facade and wraps around to the southern portion. A beautiful wooden staircase leads up to the upper florr.

Various additions and alterations have been made to the original structure. The club records attribute the construction of a magnificent Banquet Gakk ub 1910 to Nawab Hakim ud Dowla and the creation of the Card Room designed by the State Architect, Mr. Hashmat Reza in 1945.

Listed in the city's heritage for being a landmark and for having intrinsic architectural value, the Nizam Club had been in a state of disrepair and neglect for quite some time. There is now a positive change in the building's upkeep. Sensitive restoration has been carried out to organize the utilities. The electyrical fixtures are now in harmony and along with the restored furniture, have brought back the authentic heritage feel to the environment. The repairs and maintenance have been undertaken in original materials and a number of intervientions reversed to restore the authentic lines and proportions.

For this conscious restoration and preservation effort, the Nizam Club deserves an Award.

April, 19, 2006
Shravan Kumar
INTACH-Andhra Pradesh.