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Members Present

  Mr. V. Ravinder Rao President  
  Mr.E.Rajender Kumar Hon.Secretary  
  Mr. M.A.Baig (Shahed) Joint Secretary  
  Mrs. Karuna Member, M.C.  
  Mr. Naresh Solanki. Member, M.C.  
  Mr.Soma Devender Reddy Member, M.C.  
  Mr. Hashmat Ali Khan Member, M.C.  
  Mr. M. Dayakar Reddy Member, M.C.  
  Mr. Rajiv Kumar Mathur Member, M.C.  

And 260 other permanent members of the club.

The President Mr.V.Ravinder Rao welcomed the members to the Extraordinary General Body meeting for considering the amendments and additions proposed to the rules of the club. He further said, that the meeting scheduled on 27th January, 2011 was postponed because one of the points on the agenda i.e, collection of Rs.10,000/- from permanent members was not included in the original agenda .

The President took up the first point of the agenda i.e, collection of Rs.10,000/- from all permanent members of the club.

The President said that, he took pleasure in announcing that the Managing Committee had proposed to drop the decision of collecting of Rs.10,000/- from members of the club towards funding for construction of new projects.

He requested the members to join him in passing a resolution for dropping the above decision of collecting Rs.10,000/- from permanent members of the club in equal installments.

The General Body unanimously agreed to his proposal and accepted the decision to drop this proposal of collecting of Rs.10,000/- from permanent members of the club.

The President took up the second point of the agenda viz; to discuss and approve the amendments and additions to the rules of the club proposed by the Managing Committee under Rule 22 (a) .

The President read the Rule 4(iii) Life Time Member and said that this amendment was proposed to change the existing Life Time Member category and to increase the admission amount of this category from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.7.5 lakhs. He also said that, it was proposed to separate such members from permanent member's category so that they shall not be eligible to participate in the meeting of the general body of the club and shall not be eligible to contest for the Managing Committee . He further said that the children of this category also shall not be eligible to become permanent members of the club under member's children category.

He said the amendment was put up for deliberation and consideration and if thought fit to be passed with or without modification. He then read the proposed rule 4 (l).

Mr.K.N.V.Prasad Reddy said that the Managing Committee did not mentioned about the eligibility of spouse of this category in the amended rules .

The President accepted this point and said "it is open for suggestion and discussion and as suggested by Mr.K.N.V.Prasad Reddy, we add the eligibility of spouse in our rules accordingly".

Mr.G.Suryamohan, advised the Chair that whenever any amendment is proposed by the august body the amendment should be re-written and put up to the general body to get it confirmed.

Mr.Jaganath Kargudri said that he wanted to add certain things in the statement of purpose of Rule 13 (a) (ii) To mobilize funds for development works we can admit required members under this category.

(iii) The statement of intent of the Capital developmental works to be undertaken, the schedule of works , period till the completion and cost estimates of the capital developmental works be proposed in detail and approved in the budget at the Annual General Body Meeting.

(iv) At the time of approval of the Capital Developmental works at Annual General Body meeting, the number of members to be admitted under this category to cover such expenditure should be mentioned and approval of that Annual General Body Meeting be obtained.

(v) Initially 100 members in this category be admitted under this category to meet the expenditure on account of the capital developmental work to complete the approved project of Club Renovation and Expansion.

(vi) This category of membership shall be solely on a 'need to admit' basis for the developmental work and the funds so collected shall not be spent for any other purpose as otherwise specified and approved.

(vii) These are to be treated as conditions and guidelines for admissions of Life Time Members under this category. Priority to be given to those who have already been either Long Term Temporary Members or former Corporate Members for admission under this category.

Mr.M.Narayan Reddy said that we have to follow the correct procedure for passing the amendments in the club rules and said you have proposed several amendments in 13 pages in various rules. The amendment procedure is that we have to reproduce the existing rules and as well as proposed rules. The society's registration act requires certain procedure to be followed. He further said each and every amendment including sub clauses should be put up for approval and passed separately by 3/4th majority of members present and for each amendment. "We have to count the votes and for each amendment, we have to count and announce how many numbers were present in the House and how many are for the proposal". He said that he cannot appreciate to put up so many amendments in one meeting, and said that, there are 4500 members in the club, out of which only 150 members present at the EGM were considering this proposal and passing such radical amendments. Some members are interested in raising the fees and subscription, but this could be considered separately and amendments to the exiting rules could be taken up separately and he requested that the procedure be followed. He also said that many amendments were brought up for including LTT , Corporates and other members . He asked whether senior members could apply their mind to this in a short time. He said there were about 14 pages of amendments to discuss, if we were to approve to admit these amendments several crores of rupees will come to the club. He once again requested the august body to follow the procedure laid down in the latest society registration act. "Otherwise, if any single member out of 4500 members files a petition that will stop everything" he said. He said that the latest registration act is so powerful, and so effective and added that it will supercede all your resolutions and all your existing rules". The Managing Committee will be held responsible for the consequences, he pointed out. He also said that nobody anywhere in the country had imposed Rs.10,000/- as donation on every member by getting a resolution passed by 100 or 150 members out of 4500 members. He further said that the no Managing Committee is a General Body and does not have the authority to impose Rs.10,000/- on 4500 members and said it was an illegal move. He advised the managing committee to be more careful in passing such resolutions .

DrDr.M.Mohan Ram said that the Managing Committee had been extremely magnanimous in opening several avenues to admit new members to this club under the proposed amendments. "There are now 24 amendments proposed and I fully endorse the views expessed by the previous speaker that we have to be very careful in passing this amendment as per rule 35". He said "members are aware no amendment is deemed to have passed unless it is approved by the 3/4th majority or 75 % of the members present here should favour such amendment". He further said "the President at the end of the discussion of each of these proposals should ensure that he counts votes of those who are in favour or against the proposal and announce whether such amendment is approved or rejected". He felt that if this rule 4(iii) is accepted "we will be opening pandora's box, that anybody under the sky who has money can walk and seek membership. He further said "at present we are having about 6,340 members under different categories and if we open the flood gates and admit several members under this life time members, LTT members, Spouses and Tatkal members and also increasing the nominees of Corporate members from 4 to 6 and said that there will be no place in the club". He said that "we have to put a stop somewhere in the interest of the club and said that in his opinion this proposal does not deserve merit for approval. He said "while we are on the subject we have already a category of permanent members under Rule 4 (i) that was abolished by the previous EGM,but this rule is retained in the book because there are lot of permanent members still continuing. These permanent life time members enjoy all the privileges of permanent members like they can vote, they can contest in elections, their children can become permanent members and they have additional advantage which many of the permanent members do not have, i.e they do not pay any monthly subscription, because they have paid one time admission fee of Rs.20,000 or Rs.30,000/-". He queried as to why this exemption had been given to such members which was something he could not understand. He said "we have three distinguished categories of permanent members representing this Managing Committee, so it sounds a little strange that on the one hand, these members sitting in the Managing Committee do not pay the subscription and on the other hand they are recommending of increasing of subscription from Rs.180/- to Rs.400/- to other permanent members" and said he do not see any logic in this and suggested that these 334 permanent members should also made to pay the monthly subscription like any other permanent members. He said he knew that this rule cannot be changed with retrospective effect" but we can do prospectively and make them pay in future".

Mr.Narayan Reddy asked the Chair as to how many members were present at this moment in the august body.

The President enquired and said that there were 225 members present at that moment in the august body. While replying to Dr.Mohanram's comment, the President said that the present Managing Committee was not responsible for past amendments to the rules. He added "An Extraordinary General Body Meeting was convened then and the august body accepted life membership category with the condition prescribed at that time, and now we cannot do anything about that in this general body as it is not a agenda point on our agenda". He further said "your suggestion is well taken and could be taken up in the next General Body Meeting".

Mr.G.Suryamohan said that, when Mr.E.Arvind Rao was the president and and present president was the Secretary, there was a resolution moved in the House to abandon this rule of life time members which has not been removed from rule book as Dr.Mohanram had rightly pointed out and asked "how can the same rule has be defined again in the amendments, once the rule has been deleted. If any body wants we can go through the previous resolutions of the general body meetings and get it clarified.

The President clarified that Mr.G.Suryamohan got confused about the Life Member and Life Time Members, and explained that there are two separate categories of members in the permanent member category, i.e, one is a Life Member category which was abolished and the other category which is Life Time Member category. He further said, "the Life member is not paying subscription and they are having voting rights and contesting in elections. But the Life Time Members pay the subscription that we are amending, so that they cannot participate in the General Body or contest in elections". He further said that "this Life Time member was introduced during the tenure of Mr.S.A.Niamathullah when he was the President and under this category, no candidate had been admitted as member till now". He requested Mr.S.A.Niamathullah to come to the dais and clarify

Mr.Nazir Baig said that Dr.Mohanram was suggesting that the life members who have been exempted from paying of subscription all along till date should also be included to pay subscription from now and, is not asking for retrospective subscription to be levied upon those such members, but since we say we are in financial constraint, "we can ask them also to contribute subscription from now and since there is nothing wrong in this, the rules could be modified accordingly" he said.

The President said that, the respected members are well aware that "we can amend the rules which are proposed for amendment only but not new proposals".

Mr.Nazir Baig said that there is an option for the general body for modification of proposed rules and if we put up to the general body that can be implemented if approved.

Mr.Mohammed Ahmed asked the President that as per the directions of the annual general body meeting, the EGM is to be called within 3 months but after more than 4 months EGM has been called, why is that so, he queried ? He also said that the amendments are very hastily drafted and he proposed the constitution a committee for amendment of rules consisting of 4 to 5 senior members of the club including Mr.S.A.Niamathullah as convenor.

The President clarified that as the Managing Committee thought to propose some more amendments in the rules along with an increase of subscription etc. and also due to new year arrangements , it was delayed.

The General Body did not agree to the proposal of Mr.Mohammed Ahmed to form a new committee for amendment of rules.

Mr.S.M.Chauhan said that he had sent two fax messages about conducting of EGM and he thought the Managing Committee is supposed to give a reply to his fax before calling for the EGM, but he did not receive any reply to his points. He said that "The Managing Committee is doing everything in a hurry and said "you have prepared a notice on a particular day and posted it to members at your convenience which reached members on 22nd and the meeting is called on 27th , is it not a hurry to pass some thing "? he asked

The President clarified that as per the club rules, the agenda had been sent 7 days in advance to the members and the agenda was posted before the specified time under certificate of posting. He also said, "if any member does not receive the agenda copy, it does not mean that we have not sent the agenda in advance and cannot cancel the meeting. He said that all the formalities had been completed according to the rules and if you want to change the rules, you can come up with the required changes.

Mr.Nazir Baig pointed out that "we had been receiving SMSs for pictures, tombolas and other events, but this particular meeting no sms has been sent to the members and lot of members have not received the EGM postponement letter even today" and he questioned why the SMS was not being sent ?

Mr.M.Narayan Reddy said that there are two legal points to be considered so that the President should not be confused. The first point is that for any EGM to pass any amendment whether 1 or 13 , the serving of the notice had to be properly recorded and proved . He also said it is important that when the notice is issued, when the members received it, but not when it is posted. Secondly for each and every amendment, sub amendment, clause amendment should separately, independently votes has to be recorded. He also said that tellers have to be arranged for counting of votes. Members may not be aware "I was the Chairman of the Probe Committee , Mr.Moosvi , Principal Chief Conservator and Mr.C.S.Prabhakar , DGP Police were members. We have given a very lengthy report which is in the library . We have literally criticized the Managing Committee as membership has become a source of revenue". He said that he is not supposed to attend the meeting but as so many members telephoned him and asked him to attend as serious things are taking place and they sought his advice. He requested the members to be very careful while passing the amendments.

Mr.S.A.Niamathullah said that that there have been discussions about the Life Members and Life Time Members. He said that, there is a confusion between the life members and life time members. The Life Members are those members who had been admitted by the earlier managing committees for life on payment of substantial amount as admission fee and during the presidentship of Mr.E.Arvind Rao, it has been deleted", but we do have 344 life members and they are able to enjoy the facilities of the club till their life time without paying subscription. He said during his tenure, the new membership has been introduced which is known as Life Time Member. He also said "Please note that life members are not paying subscription by paying huge money as admission fee where as the Life Time Member are supposed to pay a huge sum of money as admission fee but they are paying monthly subscription as well. He also said that we have included that the children of this Life Time Member shall not be admitted as permanent members under member's children category. We have not admitted anybody under this category till date, but the membership is open. For this category of membership only, the Managing Committee is proposing to increase the admission fee from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.7.5 lakhs", he said.

Mr.Nazir Baig said that Mr.Niamathullah has clarified about the definition of Life Member and Life Time Member. He said that he wants to remind that the admission of life time members has also been restricted by the earlier General Body and they will not be inducted. He expressed that the reason why the managing committee is again proposing to increase the admission fee of Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.7.5 lakhs of such category. He further said that as the General Body has suspended for taking this category of membership, then where is the question of increasing admission fee repeatedly?

Mr.Prem Singh Rathore said that above all, the Nizam Club is known for something special, it had a standing of 125 years. The President is busy and committee members might be busy, there are about in all categories included 6000 plus members, out of which about some 100 members come everyday, some members come with family on a particular occasion. He said that he wanted to mention a serious affair and felt very bad and ashamed about it. He said that "there is a tombola going on in our club; my daughter in law and son who is a member of the club had came on that day and it was announced that a "blackberry" worth Rs.12,000/- will be given to the winner of the tombola. It is very good, family & children will come and enjoy. He said on the next day when they went to the market to look at the model i.e, 2008, they said it is an outdated model and is available for less than Rs.5,000/-. He questioned what height of corruption is taking place in our club? and who is going to look after this"? He requested the President and honourable members to appoint a supervisory body as President and Committee members are busy here and said, some of the senior members had to look after the type of corruption that was taking place and we are feeling ashamed here". He questioned the Managing Committee "when we want to by a Car or Motor cycle, what model we are going to purchase; do we purchase 2008 model" he questioned. He further queried whether such models are available in the showroom" ? They are available in the grey market" he said. He said "you are buying old models of 2008 and cheating our own members and their childen. He said that he is sorry about this and wanted to protest. He requested the President to look after every affair of Purchasing of Tombola gifts or any other thing and to suspend the tombola till other members looked into it and gave their support.

The President said that this was not a point to be discussed in the EGM and said he could have come to his office and should have discussed it with him. He further said this was an EGM where not every matter could be discussed . There was an agenda, he said. He added that the member was making allegations on everybody which is not correct

The Hon.Secretary Mr.E.Rajender Kumar said that on tombola day they had announced the MRP price and model number clearly, and before making any allegation, one should enquire about the fact as to what at what price the club had purchased the article. He also said that Mr.Prem Singh Rathore should withdraw his statement making allegations on the entire Managing Committee.

Mr.Prem Singh Rathore said that, he will not withdraw his statement and asked "if such heights of corruption continue, are you eligible to sit here" ? He questioned, and he further said that he asked the august body to appoint a committee to enquire into the matter . He added that, he felt cheated, his family feel cheated and all other members are feeling cheated and everybody is feeling cheated."

Mr.M.A.Ahmed and Mr.Abid Rasool Khan said that it is not a point to discuss in this EGM and requested the Chair to expunge all his remarks and continue with the agenda.

The President agreed with them and said that his remarks will be expunged from the records.

The President asked the august body to continue with the agenda and asked the members choosing to speak on Rule 4(iii) to come to the dais.

Mr.Mohammed Ali wanted to know exactly who was conducting the meeting, and said, in the past we have seen nobody from the dais answering to the august body except the President . A couple of people were standing and answering to the august body, he said and added that only the President should answer and nobody else.

The President said that only the President will conduct the meeting and asked the august body not to deviate from the agenda points.

Mr.M.Narayan Reddy said that we are introducing a new category and new definition of Life Time Member. He said voting is the privilege of the member, whether he is a life time or life member and his participation in the meeting of General Body and Voting in the elections should not be removed. He also said "if he has no right to participate in a meeting, how he will be called as a member, if they are coming here to play cards and using other facilities, we should avoid calling them as member". He said that we should not commit such mistakes, "once we admit them as Life Time Members, they should have all the privileges like attending the General Body meetings and voting in the Elections etc". . So this clause should be removed and opposed the clause in question.

Mr.M.A.Samad said that "Life Member is a different category with those who do not pay monthly subscription which was abolished in 1997-98 onwards. After that, we have not taken any life member, but because as we have admitted in the category of life members and they are in existence, we have to continue the rule in our Rules book". He further said "the Life time Member is a different category of membership, in this category no body was admitted till now. This rule was introduced during the tenure of Mr.S.A.Niamathullah with an admission fee of Rs.5 lakhs where this member will give subscription also". He also said now the Managing Committee came with a proposal to increase the admission fee from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.7.5 lakhs. He asked the President to submit the proposal as to whether they want this Life Time membership or not to put to vote.

The President asked the august body to raise their hands for those who are in favour of this proposal.

Mr.M.A.Ahmed said that he was proposing an increase from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs as admission fee for this category of membership.

The President again asked the august body to raise their hand for those who are in favour of the proposal.

The august body was not in favour of the resolution proposed and hence the motion was defeated.

Rule 4 (iv) Fixing of Upper age limit for applying membership under Member Children category :

The President said that Rule No.4 (iv) regarding putting an upper age limit of 35 years for applying for membership, under members' children category was proposed by the Managing Committee but subsequently, the Managing Committee thought it fit to withdraw this proposal. "Hence we are withdrawing this proposal" he said.

The august body accepted the withdrawal of the proposal.

Rule 4 (e) Admission of Long Term Temporary Membership :

The President read the statement of purpose stating that in the existing rule, the condition of "who is not a permanent resident in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and their suburbs" is impractical for implementation . To give preference to Government employees who are useful to the club in the day to day administration, the managing committee was proposing this change to divide the LTT membership into two categories. One is for Government employees (above the rank of RDO) , Bank officials (above the rank of Manager), Judges and other eminent professionals with an admission fee of Rs.50,000/- for 3 years. The other category is for any business persons of public limited company or officials of multinational companies, not below the rank of manager with an admission fee of Rs.1,00,000/- for 3 years.

Mr.Nazir Baig said that on this subject it was discussed earlier as well there should not be any discrimination between any member whether they belong to Govt., Judges or businessman or managers of a bank etc. He suggested that all members should be treated as equal and fee structure and other things should be one and same for all these members of this category as ours club is a social club, he said.

Mr.Abid Rasool Khan said that the "general mood of the august body is that there should be no new members of any category". He also suggested to cut down the expenses, to generate more revenue, as we have been seeing that we keep on constructing new and breaking every six months something, due to which we are losing lakhs of rupees on this, and suggested to put an embargo on the construction and also suggested that whatever construction that we need to do, you need to plan it with a professional architect and put it to committee before doing it". Thirdly, regarding transparency, he said that "we have voted and elected you as committee members, you feel that you are responsible to run the club but we also feel that we should know what is happening, there should be transparency in what you are doing". He further said, "absolutely there is no transparency, we are getting SMSs asking for transparency which belittles the members of Nizam Club. They do not need to resort to these activities of asking through SMSs. We have a right to ask, we want you to put up the report regularly as to what is happening and how much you are spending on construction and what are the rates of the tenders and who has been given the work and all these things should be made transparent". Finally, he felt that member's children should not be discriminated against in any manner until and unless that concerned children should have a criminal record or not accepted by their parents. He said you cannot put an embargo to apply in this specific period. He also said that, we have to give proper weightage for the members children especially to those who have been in waiting 20 years or 25 years". They should be given membership, as that is their first right". He further said whatever point you are going to withdraw cannot be withdrawn after putting to vote. "Either you take a decision to withdraw by seeing the mood or put to vote and record it."

Mr.M.Narayan Reddy said that the LTT membership started since 1992 and his committee had examined in chapter 8-9, in what year they have taken 215 which we have literally criticized nearly 900 members they had taken in 7 years. He also asked as why they were taking LTT members and added that "there is a ban on regular membership, so they are coming as LTT members from backdoor and the club cannot cater to the needs of 300 to 400 members. They are coming in hundreds and occupying all the chairs and enjoying all the facilities and the old members who are coming for something else do not even find a place". He said the Managing Committee is trying to overcome the ban of taking members so as to make money" . He also said "it is big a fraud in the club in admitting the LTT members and requested the august body not to accept the proposal for admitting LTT members.

The President said that Mr.Narayan Reddy was putting false allegations and bringing all past affairs of the club into picture and wasting time. Presently there were only 62 LTT members on the existing rolls he said.

Mr.Mohammed Ahmed said that Mr.Narayana Reddy keeps on referring to the probe committee report and all past affairs of the club and disturbing the other points and he clarified that the probe committee report was rejected by an overwhelming majority which was conducted by a secret ballot and he requested the President not to take cognizance of his words and continue with the agenda points.

Then the President asked the august body and asked those who are in favour of the proposal of admitting new LTT members to raise their hands.

The august body was not in favour of this proposal and hence the motion was defeated.

Rule 4 (f) Association Member :

The President said that, as the General body had not accepted the proposal for admitting LTT members, Rule 4 (f) of including spouse of LTT members in Associate member category was also not required to put to vote and hence it stood withdrawn.

Rule 4 (i) Admission of Institution / Corporate Members and increase of nominees:

The President said that to restrict the admission of corporate membership, the Managing Committee proposed to increase the admission fee from Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.8 lakhs . At the same time, many companies were asking for increasing the number of nominees, so the Managing Committee is also proposing to increase the maximum number of nominees from four to six, with an increase in admission fee from Rs.1,50,000/- to Rs.4,00,000/- for each additional nominee, he said.

Mr.G.Suryamohan said that, regarding Corporate members before deciding how many members are to be taken and what at rate we have to admit, he wanted to add an amendment that "in the case of any corporate member who has become a member under that category, his monthly fees and subscription should be paid by such Corporate company only and not by any individual."

Mr.Nazir, Baig said that it is not correct to put such amendment as different companies will have different rules for paying of admission fee and subscription of their nominees. Some companies may admit the nominees by paying the admission fee but they may not pay the monthly bill and subscriptions and said that we cannot make this as a mandatory clause. He also said that the club has nothing to do with the bill payment and as to who is paying the individual or company.

Mr.Shahid Hussain said that "just now the General Body has rejected one category where the admission fees was proposed to be Rs.10 lakhs and now we want to encourage Corporates with a petty amount of Rs.4 lakhs. He felt that the club should take Rs.10 lakhs per nominee from Corporate Members, as the company is making profits and they are running flourishing business and said that if the company is of that standard, they will pay that amount. Otherwise Rs.4 lakhs will not make any difference" he said.

The President clarified that the proposal for admitting Life Time Member in Rs.10 lakhs is for their lifetime whereas this Corporate membership period is only for 10 years. He cited an example of the Secunderabad Club recently where the Corporate membership fee was to increased to Rs.20 lakhs , where only one company was admitted under the said category in six months.

Mr.Abid Rasool Khan said that a better way of taking a vote on the proposal is that "you first take a vote on the rule of admission fee and then put the proposal to vote for the number of persons" . He further said "most of the politicians are becoming Corporate Members of the club through backdoor entry and requested the Committee" to follow the restrictions made by the Secunderabad Club for this category.

Mr.C.Sarvotham Rao pointed out that if we admit Corporate members the admission fee should be paid by the Corporate company only, so that it will attract the Income-tax or otherwise our club becomes a party to the fraud committed by the company.

The President clarified that currently the bills are being sent to the Companies only and "we are getting the payment from them".

Then the President put the proposal for increase of admission fee of Corporate Members from Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs for 2 nominees.

The resolution was passed as proposed by Mr.Abid Rasool Khan and seconded by Mr.Sudhakar Reddy.

The President also asked the General Body to give their opinion about the proposal for increase of nominees from 4 to 6.

The General Body did not accept the proposal for increase of nominees from 4 to 6 .

The President said that now the Corporate Membership will be admitted at Rs.10 lakhs for 2 nominees and a maximum of 4 nominees and each additional nominee will pay an admission fee of Rs.5 lakhs each.

The General Body accepted the proposal.

Rule 5 (d) (i) Admission of Members:

The President said that the Managing Committee proposed to amend the existing club rule to avoid fraudulent admission of members under members' children category as permanent members. He further said that "we are making the proposer and seconder responsible about any information given about the Candidate's admission".

Mr.K.N.V.Prasad Reddy said that "till now you have not held the proposer and seconder responsible and admitted so many members . Now if you make the proposer and seconder responsible for earlier cases also, we will accept this proposal.

Mr.S.A.Niamathullah said that the amendment proposed says that the proposer and seconder will be held responsible and their club membership would be terminted, if any information is found to be wrong. It is not proper for just 10 to remove the members from the club membership". If any details were found to be wrong, he accepted that the rules should be amended making the proposer and seconder responsible, but the managing committee cannot remove the member by finding fault on some information", he said.

The President clarified that we will remove the sentence from the rule which reads "may terminate the membership of the member, proposer and seconder without any further notice" and accordingly we will re-write the Rule so that the information provided in the application if found wrong, will be brought to the notice of the General Body for taking appropriate action.

Nawab Mohammed Iqbal Ali Khan said that when a member is applying for his child , the proposer and seconder will be there and it is the duty of the club that they should find from the records about the details of the candidates . If somebody makes a fraud, we should remove such members . The member's children should not be deprived of the lawful rights. He further said regarding balloting "the Managing Committee tearing of the chits after black balling is not proper". He questioned how one can anybody do it. Even in the local body elections and in the parliament also we cannot do it , if anybody challenges in the court we are answerable for that . He also said for members' childen, during his candidate membership for three months , his father will be held responsible for the behaviour and payment of dues . He further said many club members children are waiting to become the member as it is the second home for them.

Mr.Shahid Ali Khan pointed out that, you are proposing that the proposer and seconder will be held responsible for the members' children and asked "what about the admission of LTT and Corporate members" ?. He also said members knowing well that candidates are not eligible for LTT and Corporate membership are proposing them for membership. "What action will be taken against such members"?, he questioned again.

The President clarified that, same action what we have proposed for members' children will be enforced on the proposer and seconder for admission of LTT and Corporate Members also.

Mr.Srinivas Pannala said that as agreed by the President they have to amend the rules accordingly adding in Rule 5 d (i) "Admission of permanent members / LTT / Corporates".

The President accepted for the same and said that it will be taken care of.

Rule 5 (e) (i) & (ii) Balloting of Candidate members for Life Time Member category and member children category :

The President said that the Managing Committee thought fit to withdraw this proposal also as it is not required.

Mr.Abid Rasool Khan said that, basically it is the right of the children to become members of the club until and unless we are able to prove that they are of bad characters such as being implicated in some cases, or who have been suspended twice or thrice during his dependent membership. Until then there should not be any balloting for the members' children.

The President said that the existing rule will continue regarding balloting for members' children and will continue the same.

Rule 5-II Admission of Life Time Member:

The President said that as the General Body not agreed for the proposal of admission and increasing the admission fee from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.7.5 lakhs, the proposal for admission of Life Time Member need not be put to vote again.

Rule 9 (b) Admission of LTT Members:

The President said, as the General Body had not accepted for admitting LTT members, we need not put this amendment to vote.

He said, "hence it is withdrawn ".

Rule 12 (a) Eligibility for Institutional / Corporate Member:

The President said that as the General Body did not accept the increase of number of nominees of Corporate Members from 4 to 6, this rule need not put again for approval of the General Body. Hence the existing rule will continue", he said.

Rules 12 (a) (i) Eligibility of Corporate Members :

The President said that there is an ambiguity in the existing rule in defining the eligibility of nominee and the employee's position mentioned as 'Senior Employee' . As per the understanding , the senior employee he should be above the rank of Manager and not in the criteria of seniority of service . Hence it is proposed to delete this from the rule" he said.

The General Body accepted this proposal unanimously and agreed to amend the rule accordingly.

Rule 12 (v) Corporate Member change of nominee fee:

The President said that the Managing Committee is proposing to increase the fees for change of nominee of Corporate Member from Rs.2,500/- Rs.10,000/- .

The General Body accepted the proposal to increase the fee from Rs.2,500/- to RS.10,000/- for change of nominee of Corporate Members:

Rule 13 (a) Admission fee for Permanent Member under Member Children category:

The President said that the present admission fee of member's children is very nominal, and therefore it is proposed to increase the admission fee of member's children and it is also proposed to categorize the admission fee into 4 categories.

(a) The admission fee for Member children who are enrolled as dependent member from the age of 16 years and continued upto completion of 25 years (under rule 5 d (ii)) is proposed to be increased from Rs.5,000/- to Rs.25,000/- .

Mr.Mohammed Ahmed said that such an increase in the member's children category had never happened in the Nizam Club and in Secunderabad Club, the members' children fee is Rs.1,25,000/-. He opined that the increase from Rs.5,000/- to Rs.25,000 is very nominal and said that all should back for the increase.

Mr.Abid Rasool Khan said that there should not be any increase in admission fee for members' children and secondly, he suggested to open a waiting list and take a deposit of Rs.1 lakh from them.

Mr.M.A.Samad said that the Managing Committee is proposing to go for an increase from Rs.5,000/- to Rs.25,000/- . He said, "if we do not agree to this, we can go for a mediation and fix it at Rs.10,000/- to Rs.15,000/-" . He also said that "when we are admitting our children and grandchildren in schools, we are paying an admission fee ranging from Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000/- and he felt it is a reasonable proposal.

Mr.S.A.Niamathullah said that in view of the opposition to this rule, this proposal ought to be withdrawn .

The President announced that the proposal is withdrawn.

Rule 13 (a) (ii) Life Time Member :

The President said that as the General Body had not agreed for increase of admission fee of Life Time Member, he is dropping this proposal.

Rule 13 (b) Admission fee of Corporate Members:

The President said that, as the General Body had already agreed for an increase of Corporate Membership fee from Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs for 2 nominees and Rs.1,50,000/- to Rs.5,00,000 per each additional nominee and this rule will be amended accordingly.

He also said that, the refundable deposit amount is proposed to be increased from Rs.7,500 to Rs.10,000/- . He asked the august body to give its opinion.

The General Body accepted the proposal and agreed to increase the admission fee and refundable deposit of Corporate Members, as proposed above.

The General Body suggested to put a ceiling for the Corporate Membership also . Mr.Abid Rasool Khan suggested a ceiling of 200 Corporate companies.

The proposal was accepted as proposed by Mr.E.Satyanarayana and seconded by Mr.G.Sudhakar Reddy.

Rule 13 (c) Admission fee of Long Term Temporary Members:

The President said that as the General Body had not accepted to change the LTT membership , the existing rule will continue and the proposed rule has been dropped.

Rule 14 Monthly subscription:

The President said that the reason for the proposal of increase in monthly subscription for permanent members is submitted in detail in the annexure and said "we have increased the subscription in July 2003 from Rs.130/- to Rs.180/- per month. During these 7 years the cost of essential commodities escalated over 100 % . Members might have observed from the balance sheet of the past two years that the club is running in deficit. The budget estimates for the financial year for 2010-11 reflected a deficit of Rs.45 lakhs . The Managing Committee has been making every attempt to bring down the expenditure and the overheads . But due to uncontrollable inflation, the Managing Committee, Finance Sub Committee and all other sub committee members thought it fit that there was an urgent need to increase the subscription. Owing to the inflation, the cost of services and overheads have increased and as per the inflation index, prescribed by the central government , the increase will work out to about 248 points compared to the rates which prevailed in 2003-04. Therefore, the managing committee considered it appropriate to increase the monthly subscription from Rs.180 to Rs.400/- per month to meet the present requirement", he said.

Mr.E.Satyanarayana said that, definitely the General Body is with the Managing Committee to increase the subscription but it should not be more than 25 to 40% and suggested that it should be increased to Rs.250/- and also said "again the Managing Committee may seek for increase of subscription after a period of 3 years".

The President said that the increase of Rs.180/- to Rs.250/- is very low and will not serve any purpose and will not cover the deficit.

Members proposed to increase the subscription to Rs.300/- as proposed by Dr.Zama Khan and seconded by Mr.Zafar Javeed ..

The President asked the House to pass the resolution for an increase of subscription from Rs.180/- to Rs.300/- .

Some members raised objections for passing the resolution an for increase of subscription from Rs.180/- to Rs.300/- and demanded it to be put to vote.

The President addressed the General Body and asked those who are in favour of increasing the subscription from Rs.180 to Rs.300/-to raise their hands and again asked those who supported an increase from Rs.180/- to Rs.250/-to raise their hands. As a majority of the members present voted in favour of the proposal to increase the subscription to Rs.250/- , the General Body accepted the proposal to increase the subscription from Rs.180/- to Rs.250/- with effect from February, 2011.

Subsequently the President read the rule as follows :

The Subscription shall be paid by the members in advance every month at the following rates.

(i) Permanent Member Rs. 250/- per month (other than life members and honorary permanent members).

(ii) Candidate Member Rs. 250/- per month.

(vi) Dependent Member Rs.100/- per month

(vi) (a) Senior Dependent Member Rs. 250/- per month

The General Body accepted the above amendments

Rule 21 (i) Adjournment of General Body Meeting :

The President said that "we are withdrawing this proposal also, as it is not required".

Rule 22 (a) Quorum for calling an EGM regarding:

The President again said that the Managing Committee decided to withdraw the proposal of increasing the number of members from 100 to 200 for calling an EGM . Therefore we are not putting this to vote in the General Body..

Rule 23 (c) (iii) Implementation of Credit Stop rules to the candidates contesting elections:

The President said that, in the existing rule, there is an ambiguity about implementing the credit stop for the candidates contesting the elections, so it was clarified in this amended rule that he / she shall not be in credit stop list prepared under Rule 30 (ii) on the day of scrutiny of nomination.

The General Body unanimously agreed to the proposal and agreed to amend the rules accordingly.

Rule 23 (i) Observation of certain rules for the contesting candidates:

The President said that, the candidates contesting for club elections are visiting member's houses, sending letters, sms and using other ways and means to canvass their candidature by spending huge amount, which is also creating an embarrassing situation to the members . Therefore it is proposed to put some restrictions.

Then he read the proposed additions in the Rules :

(e) (i) The candidate will forward the following along with his/her nomination :

a. Bio-data in the prescribed Form

b. Two passport size photographs in colour .

(ii) The above information pertaining to the candidates shall be posted in conspicuous parts of the Club at least 8 days before the Annual Election Meeting.

(iii) The President / Chairperson will introduce the candidates participating in the elections to the Members on the Annual General Body Meeting day.

(iv) Candidates contesting for election shall not visit the residences / offices of the Permanent Members. However they are welcome to visit the Club and meet other Permanent Members in the Club premises and solicit their support.

(v) The Candidates contesting for election shall not send SMSes to the members seeking their support. However one SMS will be sent by the club to all permanent members reminding them about the date of election and names of the candidates seeking election 2 or 3 days before the date of election.

(vi) The following are restricted in the Club premises on the occasion of elections :

Banners, Posters, bursting crackers/fireworks, distribution of gifts, distribution of pamphlets / visiting cards etc.

Mr.M.A.Samad said that there is a slight modification that he wanted to suggest. The candidate who is contesting for elections should give his bio data as other clubs also followed this practice. The Candidate has to pay Rs.5,000/- so that the club management will print a booklet consisting of the contesting candidates' profile and their letters if any, so that a lot of money will be saved as every contestant need not spend Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000/- for sending the personal letters to all the members.

He also suggested that a day should be fixed to invite all the members so that the candidates may be introduced to the august body and the candidates give their speech and express their views as to what they want to do for the club.

Mr.G.Surya Mohan agreed to the proposal of Mr.M.A.Samad, and said that "as a matter of fact , we have to change the elections rule and date of nomination to be advanced by at least one month before the date of election, so that we can get the bio-data of the valid candidate and it should be posted to the members a fortnight before the date of election". He also suggested there should be interaction meeting / debate before the General Body , it should be informed to all the members . He requested that all election rules be amended to suit the procedure suggested.

The President clarified that it cannot be taken up now as it requires a lot of amendment in the existing club rules", so your suggestion can be taken up in the next EGM whenenver it is called".

The General Body unanimously agreed to the proposal made by the Managing Committee and accepted to implement the same.

Rule 30 (iii) (a) Staff Welfare Fund :

The President announced that the Managing Committee has decided to withdraw the proposal of amendment regarding Staff Welfare Fund also.

Then the President said, as we are not putting this proposal before the General Body to vote , it is treated as withdrawn.

The President requested the members to join him and the Managing Committee over High Tea.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.