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The meeting was called to order by Mr. E.Rajender Kumar, President, at 6-30 p.m.

He welcomed all the permanent members of the Club to the 129th Annual General Body Meeting on behalf of the Managing Committee.

He thanked all the Sub-Committee members, all members and staff of the club for the co-operation extended for the smooth functioning of the club.

Before taking up the Agenda, The President requested the members to pass a condolence resolution for the members who had passed away during the year. Then he read out the names of 41 members and passed a condolence resolution. He informed the General Body that the condolence resolutions had already been sent to the bereaved families at the time of demise of the members.

He further said that the Managing Committee expressed its deep sympathy for the recent flood affected victims of Uttarakhand.

He requested the members to stand and observe two minutes silence as a mark of respect to the departed souls.

The President took up the first point of the agenda : To confirm the Minutes of the last Annual General Body Meeting held on 16th September, 2012 and Elections held on 23rd September, 2012.

The President said that the Minutes of last Annual General Body meeting were circulated to the members and were also printed in the Annual Report of 2013 from page 6 to 17. He further said that, no letters or comments on the minutes had been received. “However, if any member would like to speak or pass any remarks, they may come to the dais and express their views”, he added.

As there were no comments, he requested the august body to confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Body held on 16th September, 2012 and Elections held on 23rd September, 2012.

The minutes were confirmed as proposed by Mr. E.Sasthyanaraya and seconded by Mr. Khalid Rasool Khan.

The President took up the Second Point of the Agenda: To consider the report of the Managing Committee :

The President said that the Managing Committee’s Report is printed in the Annual Report of 2013 from page 19 to 25 in detail.

Addressing the august body, the President said that the Managing Committee takes immense pleasure in presenting the Report on the working of our Club . He said that, the Managing Committee is working hard to improve the facilities and activities of the Club without causing much burden on the members.

He also said that the Managing Committee is pleased to inform the members that after a long wait, we have obtained the approval for our car parking complex and sports complex from GHMC. After strenous efforts put in by the Managing Committee, the municipal authorities have waived off the demand of Impact fees of Rs.1,90,10,949/- . He further said that the Managing Committee had already initiated the necessary process, construction related activities like tendering and finalization of architect & engineers and their remunerations in respect of parking complex. Estimates and funds for ther parking complex will be discussed during approval of Capital Budget estimates (4th point of agenda).

He said that, as per rich traditions of our Club, we have honoured the following members, who had completed 40 years of membership and attained 70 years of age and we have also honoured Mr.V.Ravinder Rao, ex-President and Mr.M.A.Baig (Shahed) ex-Joint Secretary on the Club Day held on 26th September, 2012.

During the year, the Management had organized several health camps for the benefit of our members and celebrated the Independence Day and Republic Day in a festival mood by hoisting our National Flag and also organized several programmes like, the Club Day, Dandiya , Musical Nite, Children’s Day, Christmas Eve, New Year Day , Kite Festival Rangoli competition, Ladies Evening, Ghazal Nites, Antakshari, Chowki Dinner, Karaoke , Super Bumper Tombolas and screening of movies.

"The Managing Committee is also continuing our rich traditions of exchanging greetings by organizing get-togethers on all festivals," he said.

"To encourage the sports activities in the Club, the Managing Committee organized Tournaments and Competitions for all the sports activities like Shuttle, Billiards, Swimming, Syndicate Rummy, Whist Drive , Cricket etc. The Club also arranged for the screening of the IPL cricket matches live on the big screen.

The Managing Committee has also organized enrollment of Aadhar Card Two times during the year and introduced SMS Alerts for reminding members on club dues and also introduced On-line payment facility for the convenience of members. President pointed out that reciprocal arrangements have been extended to few more clubs during the year.
Regarding the Financial results, the President presented the audited Annual accounts for the year ending 31st March, 2013 for adoption. “Notes on accounts are self explanatory and this year we are in surplus to a tune of Rs.67.92 lakhs as against the surplus of 52.18 lakhs in previous year”, he said and added that the main reason for the additional surplus for this year is due to increase in surpluses of the following sections, guest room rents, guest fee, swimming fee, bank interest , sponsorship fee etc. and also effective control on the expenditures during the year which was achieved due to effective control on expenditure and vigilant supervision.

About the performance of various departments, the President said that the canteen is in deficit to a tune of Rs.7.61 lakhs during the year which is due to increase in cost of raw materials. “To cover the losses , the selling rates of canteen were slightly increased from 15th January, 2013. The Bar has made reasonable surplus this year also i.e, Rs.22.15 Lakhs.The cards section is in marginal surplus of Rs. 0.63 lakhs. We have conducted two syndicate rummy competitions and monthly whist drives with attractive prizes during the year,” he said. The President also said that after the renovation of guest rooms, the tariff of the guest rooms was slightly revised and the occupancy of Guest rooms has increased considerably”. The surplus of the section this year is Rs.23.04 lakhs when compared to previous year’s surplus of 11.04 lakhs. There isn’t much difference in the performance of the Billiards section. Due to outsourcing of the tennis court maintenance and coaching to the outsiders, the Club has gained a surplus of 0.69 lakhs The Shuttle Baminton was able gain a surplus of Rs.0.24 lakhs when compared to the previous year’s deficit of 0.37 lakhs. The Annual Shuttle tournament was conducted during the year. Regarding Swimming Pool , he said the members and their families, continue to make most use of the swimming facilities during the summer season. The surplus of this section is Rs.8.39 lakhs compared to Rs.7.66 lakhs of the previous year. As usual, the Annual Swimming Competitions were conducted in the month of June, 2013.

The President said that due to heavy maintenance of equipment , the Health Club is in deficit this year to a tune of Rs.0.66 lakhs. To cover the deficit, the Managing Committee has increased the health club subscription by a nominal amount from the month of August, 2013. New equipment worth Rs.8.5 lakhs has been added to the section, he said. About the library , “we have added new books worth Rs.52,367/- and book binding carried out to old books to add more life.

The President said that the Managing Committee has not taken up any major capital works except water proofing of main building terrace (half portion), Health Club ladies’ toilet renovation and Renovation of Conference Hall during the year. And now it has proposed to take up water proofing work of main building (remaining portion) and Parking complex and its related works only.

Regarding Action taken on the decisions of the AGM held on 16.9.2012, the President said that, the budget estimates were presented for 12 months in two half years i.e, for the 2nd half year of 2013-14 and 1st half year of 2014-15.The Rules book were updated and printed and available for members.

Mr.Chandra Shekar Jagannath Kargudri congratulated the Managing Committee for the excellent work they have done. He asked “what happened to the suggestions that have been made in the last Annual General Body meeting” and suggested that the suggestions made be listed out and action taken shown . He cited the example of the Bar and pointed out that the Bar was renovated in the year 2001. He added that subsequently no renovations were made and nothing has been done for the bar, which is earning a profit of Rs.20 lakhs a year. He felt that the suggestions made in the General Body should be deliberated upon in the Managing Committee and the decisions taken should be published.

Mr.S.A.Niamathullah agreed with the suggestions made by Mr.Chandra Shekar Jagannath Kargudri that the Managing Committee should inform the General Body on what action has been taken on the suggestions made by the members in the General Body. “But the General Body should realize and appreciate that for the first time, the Managing Committee has come up with an action taken report in this Annual Report. So far, no action taken report had been submitted by previous Managing Committees” he said.

Mr.Rehan Y.Khan objected to Mr.S.A.Niamathullah , answering on the question raised by Mr.Chandrashekar Jagannath Kargudri.

Mr.S.A.Niamathullah said that he his not clarifying on behalf of the Managing Committee, but only expressing his views and is not aware as to what reply would be given by the President. He further said he agreed with the suggestions made by Mr.Chandra Shekar Jagannath Kargudri and suggesting the Managing Committee to come up with a detailed action taken report in the next general body on the suggestions made in the general body and the decisions of the Managing Committee on such suggestions.

The President asked Mr.Chandra Shekar Kargudri , “whether he had made any suggestions in the last General Body” ? He further said that as per the minutes of the Annual General Body, there were no suggestions made except a change in presentation of budget and bringing the club rules book up to date. The Club has taken up these two suggestions and has implemented the same, he added. The President also said that several members give various suggestions, but it is not binding on the Managing Committee to implement the same. Depending on the feasibility of the suggestions made by the members, the Managing Committee will decide and implement them.

The President then requested the august body to consider the Report of the Managing Committee.

The General Body considered the report of the Managing Committee as proposed by Mr. Saifullah Quadri and seconded by Mr. Narasimha Reddy.

The President took up the Third Point of the Agenda : To adopt the Audited Annual Accounts for the year ending 31st March, 2013 :

The President said that the accounts statements along with the Audit Report were printed in the Annual Report from page 32 to 45 and that Notes on Accounts and Schedules are self-explanatory . He also said that he had already briefed the members about the financial results for the year. “Members might have observed that the financial position of the Club is healthier compared to previous year. The Managing Committee has taken several steps to curtail expenditure and shore up revenues.

He said, no queries or letters were received on the accounts presented within the stipulated time as per the Club Rules. “But, we have received a letter from Mr.M.Moheb Ali, M.No.2794 regarding tax matters of the Club and appreciate the interest he has shown in the tax matters of the Club”, and hope that the Club will be benefited by his expert advise and guidance in tax matters.

He requested the Mr.Moheb Ali to come to the dais and express his views.

Mr.Moheb Ali said that, he knew that it is easy to be critical than being correct and said he did not wish to be critical on anything, but he wanted to explain what exactly was happening on the aspect of taxation. Central and State taxes include VAT , Service Tax and Income Tax. Income Tax is an unpleasant tax that is imposed on everybody who is supposed to be getting income. There is a lot of debate and for a long time this debate has gone on. Ultimately it is said that any income the club gets from its own members, is not taxable. But the income received from bank interest, hoarding and rental is taxable. There was a time when the income-tax tribunal said that no tax is to be paid on bank interest also, but that decision unfortunately got reversed. That in itself does not hurt us much, but what hurt us are VAT and Service Tax. Regarding Service Tax, we continue to have long standing dispute with the service tax department. In the year 2002, when the health club services were introduced in the tax act of service tax, there was a demand on us also. The Club has paid the entire tax, perhaps on the advice of the tax consultant. In the year 2005, the other services also had been included in the services rendered by Clubs and Associations. “Being a Club, naturally it came to be that we are liable to pay the tax. There were two views but as soon as the tax was introduced, we approached the consultant and the senior advocate, had advised us to file writ petition in the court. In the year 2005, a writ petition was filed and in the same year, in the month of November, it was admitted. But unfortunately, it never saw the light of the day. Nothing happened for many years, he said and added that the matter is still pending in the court. The Club has been paying these taxes under protest for all these years. In the meanwhile, there was a judgement received in the High Court of Jharkhand, which says that no service tax need to be paid by the Clubs and Associations who render service to their own members. “Once anyone becomes a member of the Club, there is no reality or personality; the member becomes a part of the Club and the Club becomes part of the member”, he pointed out. The service tax is liable only when service is rendered by a service provider to a service receiver. So the Court has held that there is no receiver and no provider and no tax needs to be paid. This I brought to the notice of the President and he himself got in touch with Mr.Ravi, the tax consultant, who filed a writ petition in the Andhra Pradesh High Court. He gave us his opinion that this decision will not help us. Then I happened to study as to why this decision is not going to help us, as we are also a non-profit making body and are rendering service to our own members and occasionally we may be giving services to outsiders, but mostly our services are restricted to our members only. When I asked “why it will not help us”, he said that he had filed the petition on the grounds that it is beyond the legislative competence of the central government to impose the tax on the club. His plea was never whether a service rendered to a member by the club, is a service at all. It is a basic definition wherein the services come into a picture when there is a provider and a receiver. We have been paying this tax for the past seven years under protest. Recently we got another show cause notice saying we have still not paid some more tax, which we have to pay . On the advice of the advocate , we started collecting under contingency fund to meet any unforeseen contingent liability. Now the service tax department is demanding that we pay tax on contingency fund also. If any money is collected from the members, call it whatever you want , but you have to pay the service tax. “I wonder if the suggestions made to collect under the contingency fund by the advocate is not correct at all,” but I am not sure what we can do. He said there is no time limit to ask refund of the money. We have a favourable decision by the Jharkhand High Court and there is no contradictory decision by any other High Court, so far as this aspect is concerned. So what we can do is to file a refund application for the money which we have already paid. They would certainly reject the same because no government department is willing to refund. It does not matter, but we will file a refund application, get it rejected and then go for an appeal. I am very sure that our appeal will succeed. He said regarding VAT in the year 2005-06, for the first time the government introduced VAT in the State. Previously it was a general sales tax. From the year 1984, we are fighting about the applicability of sales tax., but they did not accept and by demand, they are collecting the money. In the VAT Act, they have taken care to see that the Club also comes under VAT Act. So I wonder, whether we have much of a case from the year 2005-06 onwards. But in the earlier years, we have a strong case and we have to do some thing about it. He further said, “thirdly, recently the Kerala High Court has said that the Central Government has no legislative competence to levy any tax on the food and drinks served . We have been serving the food and drinks , taxing about 3.99 % or so. That you can immediately stop” he added.

The President thanked Mr.Moheb Ali for his valuable suggestions made about taxation and invited him for a cup of tea to discuss the above matter along with the auditors and other tax consultants.

Mr.E.Satyanarayana appreciated the concern shown by Mr.Moheb Ali on tax matters and said that we are paying huge amount by way of taxes and suggested to take up the matter with the consultant and requested the President to continue with the agenda and to adopt the Audited Annual Accounts of the year.

Mr.V.Bhoopal Reddy said that he would like to speak on two points, one is a suggestion and another is a question. He said that “seven years back, we have had a foundation stone laid by our then Chief Minister for the construction of our projects. At that time, we were having funds of about Rs.3 crores and presently by seeing the balance sheet, we are having about Rs.7 to 8 crores. The members present in the august body wish to provide more facilities to the members and not to keep the funds lying in banks. It is seen in the past one and half month that you have started some work , but there is no progress at all. If you give the entire project to a reputed company , they will complete the project in a period of six months. He questioned “as to whether the work is going to be taken up or not , if so, when you are going to take it up” ? Secondly, he suggested membership should be given to the politicians also, especially to those who are coming from other districts. They come only for food and shelter for a temporary stay. He further said that, for inviting the then Chief Minster for laying the foundation stone. “we the political leaders had influenced him for inauguration. Why don’t we provide membership to such political persons who are helpful to the Clubs. And such political leaders can help us to get an annexe to our club also”, he said and requested the President to give clarity on the above two issues.

Mr.G.Kalyandas said “I speak to you under irresistible compulsion , because I have been hearing from members about the lapses are being pointed out or the tone in which they are addressing the gathering here. We should first understand the correct concept of the club, what is the legal concept of the club, this is an association of persons with mutuality of interest. Each member has a mutual interest and therefore taxation is not there. “What is meant by mutuality of interest” ? he questioned. Every member has got an equal interest in the club, in the administration of the club therefore, what we should do is that instead of letting out our grievances in a high tone or criticizing or pointing out the lapses, a member should always forward the suggestions to the Managing Committee for action or redressal. As our President pointed out 1000 members give suggestions, but how far these suggestions are workable and how far they are conducive to the administration or workable or are they are aiding the administration, these are matters which they have to sort out. As you know 10 members by the rule are elected and about 120 in 19 sub committees , the total members who are serving the club are about 130. These members are rendering honorary service, where I would like to point out these members are serving voluntarily , honorarily putting every energy into the administration to give better service to the club. Now you have heard the President’s report of the Managing Committee. How beautifully he has coined it and the number of activities that have been carried out by the Managing Committee during the year. What I would like to suggest is you have any grievance, point out the lapses, nothing prevents us from going to them and point out to them, by putting them in writing. If they are workable, they certainly will implement then and if they are not workable, they will explain to you about the difficulty. He suggested that this should be our attitude with the Managing Committee and not that of a press reporter. Some of them simply point out that there are no lights and garbage was not cleared, but if it is a government authority we can say anything. Here people are serving honorarily. Here they are striving hard to give a better administration to you. 130 persons are serving you . If this attitude is not understood and if we only point out the lapses , what happens is that competent persons may not come forward to get elected . Should you not think that if the competent persons are not coming for the management of the Club, it will be suicidal for us ? Therefore, we must realize that we should give very constructive criticism, workable formulae , which are conducive to the administration and we must have a courteous discussion with them. As a finance sub committee member, we would like to tell you about many reforms we have brought. Our aim is to only how best the leakage can be prevented. How best the Management can deliver internal controls in utilization of the resources or the commodities. They are doing excellent job under the dynamic leadership of Mr.E.Rajender Kumar and Mr.M.Amarender Reddy , because I have been associated with them in the finance sub committee, without us having to contribute a pie, they have been able to start the work of Rs.8 crores buget. The work has already started. Few years back, we wanted that every member should pay Rs.10,000/- in a year, but none of us or many of us had not agreed. So this must be a compliment to them. I hope you appreciate the service they rendered. So I request the august body about the suggestions they are making. Please make them in a conducive manner, which would aid the administration and which are workable. He appealed the members to let us adopt a very constructive attitude with the Managing Committee”.

The President requested the august body to adopt the audited Annual accounts for the year ending 31st March, 2013.

The General Body adopted the audited annual accounts for the year ending 31st March 2013 as proposed by Mr.Khalid Rasool Khan and seconded by Mr. Raja Reddy.

Mr.V.Bhoopal Reddy asked the President about his opinion on his suggestions about giving membership to politicians.

The President admitted that some political persons have helped us in bringing the then Chief Minister late Dr.Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy for laying foundation stone of our new projects. Regarding admission of politicians as members , Presidentr replied that presently the membership is closed, as and when it is open , the then Managing Committee will take appropriate decision. However if land for annexure is allotted to the club by the efforts of the politicians , then the Managing Committee will convene Extra Ordinary General Body and get such politician club membership.

Mr.Mohammed Ahmed objected to admitting politicians as members and said that, The President should not think that the General body has accepted the suggestion of Mr.Bhoopal Reddy and should not take this as granted for admitting them.

The President said that, it is just a suggestion given by Mr.V.Bhoopal Reddy no resolution has been passed by General Body , hence it is not binding.

Mr.Srinivas Pannala pointed out that in the balance sheet in page 35 , the interest from bank is shown as Rs.67,26,521/- and the excess of income over expenditure is Rs.67,91,611/- . Our earlier committee members, past presidents and secretaries have worked very hard and they have given us a fixed deposit of Rs.8 crores. But for this bank interest, perhaps as per his understanding we would have gone in loss for this year. He requested the Managing Committee to devise a system so that, we should not get into loss. He also suggested that if the Managing Committee wanted to build a parking complex first, as a member he would like to suggest to start something with the available funds , so that we will generate some income to the club and suggested to construct rooms which we have a huge demand. He said that as per his opinion, last year, the financial management was not up to the mark.

Mr.Mir Ashfaq Ali Khan introduced himself as an architect and third generation member of the prestigious Club and said that he would like to discuss the efforts that the managing committee had been taking for the benefit of our Club members. This Club is always been our second home and an optimum place for all of us to gather along with family and friends. We are happy that the Club is getting a new dimension in the years to come, with massive construction taking place at the premises. This development is necessary, but the method of implementing has to be synchronized. We have so many members who are well experienced, talented professionals in this regard. We can do proper planning, become active in decision taking for better outcome. Let these members work only by themselves without any involvement of Managing Committee member. The concept of project management team has to be implemented and it will help us to speed up the construction activities and also save time and money. He requested the President to appoint a project management team to take care of construction activity before starting the work. Appointing structural engineer and architect is not sufficient. There are a lot of areas which are neglected in the club. The toilets in the club are not planned and constructed properly, the wash basins beside the urinals are disgusting, which is a small example. We have to see that the club construction activities are planned precisely to be more convenient to the Club members. The other thing he pointed out was the impact fee mentioned in the annual report. As per his knowledge, there is no such fee for any building to a height of less than 15 ft. and especially for a parking lot as per G.O.No.168 and 171 of the Building byelaws. He sought the proposal of an annexe as a resort on the outskirts of Hyderabad where we can have a regular income, especially during the weekends. It could be closer to airport. You are spending heavily for the parking lot. We can budget it in such a way that we can save some money and buy a property closer to the airport, so that we can generate revenue from the Club. Another point he mentioned is that in the last year AGM, our Joint Secretary had suggested that the candidates be introduced before the end of the meeting. Instead of that, it is better to introduce the candidates in the middle of the meeting, before the hall becomes empty. The last point he mentioned is that he gives his best wishes to the contesting candidates and said that, he looks forward to see that a strong and dynamic team gets elected to develop our second home in a better way.

The President requested Mr. Mir Ashfaq Ali Khan to be associated with Club development and said that, he would request the coming Managing Committee to invite him to the sub committee . Regarding the impact fee, he requested the members to come to his office and see the demand notice the club had received.

The President took up the Fourth point of the Agenda: To approve the budget estimates for the period 01-10-2021 to 31-03-2022 and 01.04.2022 to 30.09.2014.

The President said that as discussed and decided in the last Annual General Body Meeting, “we have presented the budget for two half years i.e, 2nd half year of 2013-14 and for the first half year of 2014-15 to overcome the lapse in our Rules.The revenue budget estimates are printed in the Annual Report from page 46 to 48. The revenue budget estimates are prepared based on the previous year’s figures with an approximate increase of 10%”, he said.

“We have not received any objections or queries on the revenue budget estimates from the members. However, if any member would like to express his views on Revenue Budget, he can come to the dais and express his views”, he said.

As no member raised any objection or expressed his views , the President requested the august body to approve the revenue budget estimates for the period 01.10.2021 to 31.3.2022 and also from 01.04.2022 to 30.09.2014.

Then The President took up the approval of capital budget estimates. He said that the Managing Committee proposed some capital works which were printed in page 49 to 51 in the Annual Report. In capital budget for the Buildings “we have not proposed any other capital works except Parking complex and its related works”.

He also said that, after a great struggle “we have obtained clearance from Heritage authorities and plan approval from GHMC . We have to take up the work within one year from the date of approval and also to avoid further complications, as there may be frequent changes in the municipal rules”. He further said that the Club members are facing lot of difficulties due to shortage of parking space due to which our attendance is going down . The police authorities are not allowing us to park our vehicles on the main road, as it is a high security zone . Due to lack of place for parking, we have taken the tennis court area for parking, even though it is a prime sports activity of the Club, still we are not able to cope up the shortage. We thank all the tennis players for their co-operation in this regard. He said hence there is an urgent need for taking up the parking complex project”.

He also said that the total estimates for the Parking complex is Rs.7.85 crores. “We request the august body to consider our proposal and sanction a total amount of Rs.8 crores for the project”. He also said that presently the club is having Rs.8 crores in fixed deposits and approximately about Rs.50 lakhs for working capital .

Replying to Mr.Srinvias Pannala, the President appreciated the concern shown by him regarding finances of the Club, he further said that due to acute shortage of parking , members are facing lot of inconvenience due to which the general body decided to construct the parking lot first. President said that loss of revenue due interest from the bank can easily be compensated by allowing banquet/parties on the sprawling lawn over the parking lot.

Mr.Asadullah Pasha congratulated the Managing Committee for the excellent work they have done with good results”. But as pointed out by Mr.Srinivas Pannala, the result we see from the balance sheet about Rs.60 lakhs has come as interest from fixed deposits and Rs.60 lakhs as showing is shown as profit. Hence there is no profit at all for this financial year. So the money coming from the fixed deposit of Rs.7.5 crores is Rs.60 lakhs . Now the Club is utilizing Rs.60 lakhs for club funds and if you take away Rs.7.5 crores which also includes the contingency fund , we are putting into fixed deposits and if we use this money for construction, where will you get the money?” Then you will have to burden the members by increasing the subscription. If you calculate Rs.60 lacs on 5000 members , each member will have to pay Rs.120 more per month to get the entire money in” . Secondly he said, this kind of proposal was first discussed in the year 2006. After the year 2006, there were two Presidents had gone by , Mr.S.A.Niamathullah had started this and Mr.V.Ravinder Rao has taken it through. We have not been able to start this project and I do not think this project was ever approved in the general body meeting. “Can a project like this can be taken up in an AGM ? he questioned. He further said , “this AGM does not have a project approval. Neither is it mentioned anywhere in the agenda that we can take up this project. This project has to be discussed properly and it has to be formulated properly and the budgets on how this money is going to be raised and how much is going to be spent each year. He said that, our members deserve some kind of transparency . As of now, we have not even displayed our sanctioned plan on the notice board , what is the sanction plan that has been sanctioned by the municipal corporation ?. A lot of rumours are afloat that only two floors were sanctioned and that we are constructing three floors. What was the budget already sanctioned ? Is it Rs.2 crores ? Now we are saying that it is costing us Rs.8 crores. So these kind of things are there and I wish the Managing Committee displays these plans, quotations and architect’s idea of what he wants, as far as structures are concerned on how these projects are going to be constructed and he requested the General Body to call for an EGM and come up with it and let us take up this matter as early as possible. Let us have an EGM within THE next 45 days or in next two months to discuss thoroughly for the managing committee to take it up. He finally said “I am all for developing this Club. I am a third generation member of the Club and we are all sitting here and I do not think any member sitting here would like to say , we don’t want this club to develop. We are all willing to develop this Club and see to it that it comes up. But do not take the members for granted and do not do what you would like to do without informing us”, he said.

The President thanked Mr.Asadullah Pasha and said “for the information of members, these plans and all those things were circulated in the year 2008 and the master plan and which was passed by the same august body which is mentioned in the Annual Report of 2008”. Regarding plan sanction it is in the Club office, he said. The approved plan is for three floors and the model of the project is also displayed at Reception”, he said. “We have thoroughly discussed the project in several general bodies and have been waiting for the GHMC approval. In the last general body also, Mr.V.Ravinder Rao informed the august body that once we get the approval from GHMC , we will start the project”. He further said three months back only we have received the plan approval and that is the reason, we had started the project.

Mr.Mohammed Ahmed said that he would like to bring the attention of the members for page 38 of the Annual Report, where Mr.Srinivas Pannala and Mr.Asadulla Pasha are talking about revenue of the club. The first point is the Club fund, where it is printed that member’s children were admitted as 175 @ Rs.5,000/- and he questioned “how the Club will develop when the permanent members’ do not want to increase the admission fee and subscriptions. He said that Mr.Asadullah Pasha is well aware of how much the Secunderabad Club is charging for its member’s children. It is Rs.1,25,000/- for the first member and Rs.2,50,000/- for the second member. He requested the Managing Committee to call for an EGM to increase the membership fee of member’s children to atleast to a minimum of Rs.50,000/- per child, so that, the club can generate a corpus fund of Rs.1 crore every year from that source.

The President accepted with his suggestion and said that it will be looked into and will be placed in the agenda of EGM whenever we call for it.

Mr.Gogineni Surya Mohan said that his pertinent question is that “the total estimated capital budget you are asking for is about Rs.9.3 crores or so inclusive of parking complex . We have fixed deposits of only Rs.7.5 crores and after using Rs.7.5 crores for the rest of the money where from are we going to raise to complete the project and what are the sources we are going to have and requested for a clarification on that. He also said that it is not the right forum for us to discuss. “It is an Annual General Body and with the other proposal to raise the fund to fill up the gap,” as Mr.Ahmed said “the admission fee for the member’s children and subscription has to be raised substantially, to suit the present day requirement”. All these things to be placed in the Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting as early as possible and see that those things go through.

The President clarified that the total estimates of the parking complex is Rs.7.85 crores . Right now , we have an amount of Rs.8 crores in fixed deposits apart from working capital of Rs.50 lakhs. Regarding the revenue, “we can complete this project within six months and after six months, immediately we can have banquet/parties where we can generate huge income. This issue has been discussed with the Finance Sub Committee at length . We would like to bring to members notice that main income for all other clubs is from banquets.

Again The President said that the total estimate of the parking complex is Rs.7.85 crores and requested the august body to sanction an amount of Rs.8 crores for the total project and consider the other proposals also.

The proposal was accepted and the capital budget estimates were sanctioned as proposed by Mr. Mohammed Ahmed and seconded by Mr.S.Rajender Reddy.

The President took up the Fifth Point of the Agenda: To appoint the auditors and fix their remuneration:

The President informed the august body that the present Auditors M/s.P.Ramakrishna & Co. have conducted the audit satisfactorily and we appreciate their service. The Managing Committee proposes to continue with the same auditors for the next year also i.e, for the year 2013-14 with the same remuneration of Rs.50,000/- or if the august body approves, we will increase by Rs.10,000 . For the Internal Audit, “we can continue with M/s.Rao & Sridhar as Internal Auditors with a same remuneration of Rs.60,000/- ”, he said.

The President requested the august body to approve the same.

The General Body accepted the proposal to continue with the same auditors i.e, M/s.P.Ramakrishna & Co. for the year 2013-14 with a proposed increase of Rs.10,000/-

The President took up the Sixth and Final Point of the Agenda: To consider any proposal or subject under Rule21(e):

The President said that as per the provisions, we have not received any letters seeking clarification on any affairs of the Club. Hence the agenda point was dropped.

Then the President said that he is going to introduce the members contesting the elections, scheduled on 22nd September 2013, for the post of Vice President, Hon.Secretary and three members of the Managing Committee. He then welcomed the candidates and asked them to introduce themselves in a serial order to the august body.

For the post of Vice President :
1. Mr.Mirza Sajid Baig
2. Mr. P.Manohar Reddy

For the post of Hon. Secretary:
1. Mr.M.Amarender Reddy
2. Mr.Naresh Solanki

For the post of Member of Managing Committee:
1. Mr.Atul Chandra
2. Mr. Hamid Raza
3. Mr.Mir Osman Ali Khan
4. Mr.R.Randhir Reddy
5. Mr.Saranga Ashok Kumar
6. Mr.Syed Turab Ali
7. Dr.Mrs.Vanaja Uday

Finally, he thanked all the members for their co-operation and requested them to join the Managing Committee for High tea.

Then The President adjourned the meeting for the club elections scheduled on 22nd September, 2013 for the post of Vice President, Hon.Secretary and three Members of Managing Committee.

The election process was started by the President and Returning Officer at 2.00 PM on 22nd September 2013 by sending the EVMs in presence of candidates / their representatives . The polling started sharply at 3.00 PM and ended at 9.00 PM. The counting process started immediately in presence of candidates / their representative and the votes secured by the candidates were announced as mentioned below :

For the post of Vice President :

1. Mr.Mirza Sajid Baig : 1263
2. Mr. P.Manohar Reddy : 1126

For the post of Hon. Secretary:

1. Mr.M.Amarender Reddy : 1339
2. Mr.Naresh Solanki : 1082

For the post of Member of Managing Committee:

1) Mr.Atul Chandra :1095
2) Mr. Hamid Raza :1084
3) Mr.Mir Osman Ali Khan :1044
4) Mr.R.Randhir Reddy :1070
5) Mr.Saranga Ashok Kumar : 296
6) Mr.Syed Turab Ali : 332
7) Dr.Mrs.Vanaja Uday :1376

The following candidates were declared as elected by the Returning Officer:

Vice President - Mr.Mirza Sajid Baig

Hon.Secretary - Mr.M.Amarender Reddy

Members of the Managing Committee:

- Dr.Mrs.Vanaja Uday
- Mr.Atul Chandra
- Mr.Hamid Raza

The Meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

                                                                        (M.AMARENDER REDDY)
Date: 03.10.2021                                                         Hon. Secretary